Arrow Season 7: 5 Biggest Questions After Episode 19, "Spartan"

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John Diggle stood at the foreground of Arrow season 7, episode 19, "Spartan." The episode revealed a never-before explored aspect of Diggle's background and family life and how he came to choose the codename Spartan when he officially became a superhero who operated in the field on a regular basis, and not just when Oliver Queen needed the assistance of "the black driver."

The action of "Spartan" centered on Team Arrow's continuing efforts to expose the Ninth Circle and Oliver's quest to free his half-sister Emiko from the sinister society's control. Discovering that the Ninth Circle was trying to get their hands on classified military documents, Diggle reluctantly approached a general he thought might be able to assist them in understanding why. His contact was later revealed to be General Roy Stewart - John's stepfather, whom he had never gotten along with. It was General Stewart who had been responsible for leading the mission in which Diggle's father had died and he would later put Diggle and his brother through brutal Spartan-style military training to toughen them up, thus inspiring John's codename.

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A different Diggle took the lead in the flash-forward storyline set in Star City 2040, with Connor Hawke taking steps to acquire what Felicity Smoak needed to analyze a high-tech helmet being used by the corrupt corporation Galaxy One. The helmet, which looked oddly similar to the one John Diggle wore as Spartan, was revealed to be linked to the Archer surveillance program. This new helmet would give anyone who wore it an AI-empowered sixth-sense and an entire army of soldiers wearing them could easily make short work of Star City's vigilantes. While this explained something of Galaxy One's ultimate goals, there were still many questions left unanswered at the end of "Spartan."

5. Who Is Dr. Will Magnus?

Dr. Will Magnus and the Metal Men

As "Spartan" opens, Felicity Smoak is focused on the task of rebooting her Archer program so she can use it to track down Emiko Queen. While she is doing this, her friend and CTO of  Smoak Technologies, Alena Whitlock, tells Felicity that she may have found a new investor for their company - Dr. Will Magnus. The news excites Felicity, who identifies Will Magnus as "the world's foremost authority on robotics engineering." According to Alena, the artificial-intelligence behind Archer is similar to something Magnus has been working on for years and he thinks that their work could help him complete his own design.

The name of Dr. Will Magnus will be instantly familiar to many comics fans. First appearing in Showcase #37 in March 1962, Dr. Will Magnus is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant geniuses in the DC Universe, holding doctorates in mechanical engineering, theoretical mathematics and particle physics. He is most famous, however, for his creation of the Metal Men - six sentient, shape-shifting robots who draw their powers from the base metals they were made of. While it seems unlikely we'll see the Metal Men in the Arrowverse anytime soon, the mention of Dr. Magnus is still an interesting, if obscure, shout-out.

4. Was Cygnus X-1 Taken From The Comics?

Green Arrow The Death of Oliver Queen

With General Stewart's assistance, Team Arrow discovers that the Ninth Circle is after a biological weapon dubbed Cygnus X-1 - a genetically engineered bacteria that was intended to eat nuclear waste but instead devours nearly anything it is exposed to. This sounds remarkably similar to a biological weapon from the Green Arrow comics called Mutajek 9-9 - a Russian-made bacteria that destroys manufactured plastics, that is capable of destroying a city in minutes.

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What makes this similarity significant is that Oliver Queen died while saving the city of Metropolis from a plane carrying a Mutajek 9-9 bomb in the comics, triggering an explosion that destroyed the weapon at the cost of his own life. With Arrow ending later this year, could this be a sign of just how Green Arrow will meet his maker?

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