Arrow Season 7: 5 Biggest Questions After Episode 15

Katherine McNamara as Mia in Arrow Season 7 Episode Training Day

Arrow season 7, episode 15, "Training Day", sees Team Arrow undergo training as newly deputized agents of the Star City Police Department. Oliver Queen urged his teammates to be patient in finding a way to adjust their tactics to conform to police procedure. Of course Oliver has never been known for his patience or practicing what he preached and soon found himself butting heads with Captain Dinah Drake. She, in turn, was more determined than ever in the face of obstruction from the anti-vigilante Mayor Pollard to make the deputized vigilante program work.

At the same time, Black Siren, who's still masquerading as the Laurel Lance of Earth 1, was contacted by Ben "Bronze Tiger" Turner.  It seems that Turner had witnessed the murder of Ricardo Diaz in the solitary wing of Slabside Penitentiary and wanted to cut a deal regarding that information. After Black Siren made arrangements for Turner to get to visit his son, Connor, he pointed the figure toward Star City's new Green Arrow.

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Meanwhile, in the future of Star City 2038, Mia Smoak and William Clayton struggled to work together in finding the obsolete electronics they needed to play a message that Felicity had left for them on a mini-cassette. Mia's temper pushed them into trouble, even as she found herself trying to bail herself and William out of the problems caused by his lack of street smarts. Thankfully, the two siblings finally found a way to balance their respective strengths and accomplish their mission. Here's everything that fans are wondering about in the wake of the conclusion of "Training Day."

5. How Will Diggle Wind Up Adopting Ben Turner's Son?

Arrow John Diggle ARGUS

When Bronze Tiger sees his son, Connor, for the first time in years, the usually stoic Ben Turner is all smiles, hugging the young boy, whom he calls "my little hawk." Given Connor's age and nickname, it's not much of a leap to guess that he grows up to become Connor Hawke in Star City 2038. This seems particularly obvious in the wake of the recent revelation that Connor Hawke is John Diggle's adopted son.

This does raise the question of how Diggle will wind up adopting Bronze Tiger's son in the future. Perhaps Ben Turner's parole will be approved soon (Black Siren promises she's working on it elsewhere in the episode) and he'll wind up serving alongside Diggle on the newly deputized Team Arrow? Unfortunately, this does also suggest there will be some tragic circumstance that will lead Diggle to adopt his teammate's son and raise him as his own.

4.  How Did Black Siren Discover Emiko Is The New Green Arrow?

After he's allowed to see his son, Ben Turner reveals to Black Siren that he saw Ricardo Diaz set on fire by someone who was dressed like Green Arrow but who wasn't Oliver Queen, guessing that it's the new Green Arrow. This leads Black Siren to confront Emiko with the fact that she knows about her status as Robert Queen's daughter and the new Green Arrow. It's unclear, however, where Black Siren got this information. The most logical explanation is that Felicity let it slip during one of her brunch dates with Black Siren, but this seems horribly out of character for the increasingly secretive Felicity.

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3. How Did Emiko Discover "Laurel" is Black Siren?

When Black Siren reveals to Emiko that she knows all of her secrets, the new Green Arrow reveals that she knows some big secrets as well. Specifically, she addresses "Laurel Lance" as Black Siren and asks why she thinks Team Arrow will trust the word of the former supervillain from another Earth that has been impersonating Laurel Lance for over a year. Again, it's unclear how Emiko learned this information, though the most likely answer is that she was given this information by Dante, whose connections at ARGUS would likely know about Black Siren's status as a fugitive from another Earth.

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