Arrow Season 7: 10 Biggest Questions After Episode 13, "Star City Slayer"

Green Arrow's Famous Chili

5.  Why Is Oliver Queen's Chili Famous?

When a sullen William Clayton returns home from school, still angry at not being allowed to move in with his grandparents, Felicity Smoak tries to cheer him up by telling him that Oliver will be making his "famous chili" for dinner that night. William is less than enthused by this news. In fact, he later says that Oliver's chili is way too spicy and that, despite Oliver's belief that it's his favorite dish, William really doesn't like it that much.

In the comics, Oliver Queen's Famous Chili is a legendary substance likened to the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life for all the wondrous properties it contains. It can instantly dehydrate an Atlantean and acts like fire within the digestive system of a Martian. The Flash claims to have once used it to negate the effects of Captain Cold's cold gun and both Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner proved unable to maintain the focus needed to make a Green Lantern ring work after one spoonful. Even Superman struggles to finish a bowl, with the only people capable of eating it unscathed apart from Oliver Queen himself being Black Canary and Batman.

4. Isn't It Cold In Star City In The Winter?

Arrow Star City Arial Shot

As William is preparing to move to Central City, Felicity says that she'll have to send him "three coats and mitts and a hat" because "it gets really cold there in the winter." This odd statement adds to the ever-increasing confusion regarding the geography of Central City and Star City and just where they are located in the United States of Earth 1. Previous episodes of Arrow suggested that Star City is located in the same vicinity as Seattle in our world and while Seattle's coastal location is not as cold as some cities in the Pacific Northwest, it still gets enough snow every year that winter wear is required at least a few days out of the year. Then again, William did just move back to Star City and may not have a winter wardrobe. It is also entirely possible Felicity is just playing the role of the over-protective mother.

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3. Is This The Last We'll See Of Curtis Holt?

Echo Kellum in Arrow Season 5

One of the surprise twists of Arrow season 7, episode 13 is that Curtis "Mister Terrific" Holt resigned from his position at ARGUS in favor of a job with the Kohler Humanitarian Institute in Washington DC. Reportedly this came about because actor Echo Kellum wanted to spend more time with his family in Los Angeles than Arrow's shooting schedule in Vancouver allowed. While his appearance in "Star City Slayer" will apparently be his last as a series regular in Arrow season 7, Kellum is open to the possibility of making a guest appearance in future episodes. At this time, however, there are no plans for Mister Terrific to appear on Arrow anytime soon.

2. Do Oliver And Felicity Break Up In The Future?

Arrow Oliver Queen Felicity Smoak Unmasked Stephen Amell Emily Bett Rickards

"Star City Slayer" ended with two shocking revelations. First, that Felicity is pregnant with Oliver's child in the present day. Then, in the flash-forward to 2038, we learn that their child grows up to become Blackstar, whose real name is revealed to be Mia Smoak.

Many fans, particularly those who dislike the romantic relationship between Oliver and Felicity, believe that their daughter taking her mother's last name is a sign that their marriage is doomed to failure. While that is a possibility, it's also a rather broad assumption. For one thing, Felicity is not a traditional sort of woman and didn't change her last name when she and Oliver got married in Arrow season 6. Oliver also isn't much for tradition and isn't the sort of man to insist that his child take his last name.

Another possibility is that Mia Smoak's legal name is Mia Queen, but that she later took her mother's last name because of her holding a grudge against her father for some reason. This could also explain Mia's deep-seated hatred of vigilantes. In any case, there are any number of reasons why Mia doesn't use her father's last name that don't involve an Olicity break-up.

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1. Where Is Oliver Queen In 2038?

Legends of Tomorrow Star City 2046 Oliver Queen vs. Ravenger

One big question that remains to be addressed by Arrow season 7 is where Oliver Queen is in the year 2038. With two different groups investigating the bombing plot and working to save Star City, it's surprising that Oliver Queen isn't affiliated with either one of them. While some believe that Oliver is destined to die in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths event later this year, Eobard Thawne said that the history books of his time said that Oliver Queen lived until the year 2071. While time can easily be rewritten in the Arrowverse and the timeline of Arrow has already been altered at least once, the question still remains - where is Oliver Queen?

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