Arrow Season 7: 8 Biggest Questions About Black Siren & Episode 11

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4. Seriously, Why Can't They Use The Name Suicide Squad?

When John Diggle proposed reactivating a government program called the Ghost Initiative in Arrow's midseason premiere, many fans wondered why a new name was being given to the Suicide Squad. It was clear that the Ghost Initiative - a program that sent convicted supervillains with bombs in their heads out as agents on special missions requiring plausible deniability - was Task Force X in all but name. The answer came in "Sins Past," after Curtis Holt learned about what John Diggle had done and outright said "The Ghost Initiative is just a cooler-sounding name for Suicide S-," being cut off by ARGUS Director Lyla Michaels before he could finish saying the second word. It seems clear then that the reason for the name change is due to some edict by Warner Bros, who still do not want any brand dilution distracting from the Suicide Squad film franchise.

3. Will Curtis Join Rene and Emiko On The New Team Arrow?

Arrow Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt, Rick Gonzalez as Rene Ramirez and Sea Shimooka as Emiko Queen

Over the course of the latest Arrow episode, Curtis is able to trick Ricardo Diaz into giving ARGUS the information they need to track down the mystery criminal financier known as Dante, thanks to an incredibly realistic virtual reality program of his own design. Despite this, John Diggle is still determined to keep the Ghost Initiative running as they may need known criminals to act as boots in the field as part of the operation to bring Dante down. This leads to Curtis declaring that he's not going to blindly follow Diggle's orders anymore and that he intends to call his own shots from now on. Based on this and his working with Rene Ramirez and Emiko Queen in "I Am Emiko Queen," it seems likely that Mister Terrific will soon be coming out of retirement.

2. Who Is The Vigilante Stalker?

Arrow Sins Past Dinah Drake Gets Death Threat

The final scene of "Sins Past" shows Dinah Drake discovering a threatening note in her car. This letter is crafted in the same style as the threatening letters that Black Siren received over the course of the episode that she thought were the world of a stalker from Earth-Two. This suggests that someone else is stalking several of Star City's former vigilantes and has inside knowledge of who they are. So who is this new menace?

The most likely guess is Stanley Dover - Oliver Queen's sidekick in prison, who was revealed to be a far more sinister figure than he seemed at first glance. Dover escaped from prison the same day that Oliver Queen was released and did show signs of having a genius-level intellect behind his mousy facade. With what information he learned from Oliver about his life as a vigilante, it's possible he could have guessed that Dinah Drake was the new Black Canary and decided to target her as well as Black Siren.

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1. Why Were There No Flash-Forwards This Week?

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For some reason, there were no scenes set in the future of Star City 2038 in Arrow season 7, episode 11. It seems likely this was because there was already a lot going on in this episode with three subplots in the modern-day storyline. Also, Dinah Drake was a major presence in the current-day scenes in "Sins Past", which likely would have limited the time in which Juliana Harkavy (the one actor who holds major roles in both storylines so far) would be available for filming any of the scenes set in the future.

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