Arrow Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer Released; Longbow Hunters Cast Confirmed

There's a new Green Arrow in town in the season 7 trailer for Arrow, which was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. The trailer is packed with details on what's next for Oliver, Team Arrow, and Star City.

In the season 6 finale of Arrow, Oliver took down Diaz and his criminal empire, but his victory came at a costly price. After being arrested by the FBI, Oliver publicly revealed his secret identity as the Green Arrow. Oliver also managed to obtain immunity for all members of Team Arrow, ensuring that he was the only one to take the fall. As a result, Oliver was sent to a maximum security prison, leaving his fate uncertain.

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The official trailer for Arrow season 7 was released at SDCC 2018. The trailer shows a bearded Oliver Queen dealing with prison life after a five-month time jump. Apparently, vigilantes have been inactive since Oliver's arrest, and now a new Green Arrow has emerged. It's revealed that Diaz is still in the picture and looking to take revenge on Oliver by going after the people he cares about. It also appears that Black Siren has assumed the real Laurel Lance's position as district attorney. It was confirmed during the Arrow panel that the Longbow Hunters will be joining the series.

The Longbow Hunters will consist of Diaz, Kodiak, Red Dart, and The Silencer. Red Dart will be played by Holy Elissa. Miranda Edwards will play the Silencer, who in the comics was an assassin for Talia al Ghul. Kodiak will be portrayed by Michael Jonsson.

The comic book version of the Longbow Hunters were a team of villains whose mission is to kill the Green Arrow. As three of the four Longbow Hunters in Arrow are new characters, it's unclear what will drive them to target Oliver. If the Silencer shares her comic book counterpart's backstory, her ties to the Assassins could be what motivates her to join the group.

Based on a comment from Dinah Lance about there being no vigilantes in Star City, it looks like Team Arrow may have retired from crime-fighting, which means that the Longbow Hunters may have some difficulty in rooting out Oliver's old allies. In the meantime, they may have another enemy in the form of a new Green Arrow. Since Colton Haynes' Roy Harper isn't in the trailer, this could be how Roy will make his return to the series.

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