Arrow Audition Tape Suggests Season 7 Will Defy Fan Expectations [Updated]

WARNING: The following article contains SPOILERS for Arrow season 6. 

A leaked Arrow audition video has proven quite revealing regarding the state of Star City after the stunning season 6 finale. The video also seems to shoot down a fan theory regarding one of the new characters being introduced for season 7 of the superhero show.

The sixth season of Arrow saw the vigilantes of Star City menaced by both gang leader Ricardo Diaz and FBI agent Samandra Watson, who was more concerned with the problems caused by vigilante justice than organized crime. In the Arrow season 6 finale, Green Arrow struck a deal with Watson to secure her help in going after Diaz and the cabal of crooked cops and politicians that Diaz had built up in his bid for power. In exchange for Queen's pleading guilty to a number of federal charges, Watson agreed not to go after the rest of Star City's superheroes and helped to free the local government from Diaz's control. Though Diaz managed to escape capture thanks to the intervention of the supervillain Black Siren, the season ended with Diaz effectively neutered and Oliver Queen in a maximum security prison with no hope of freedom.

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Update: Potential season 7 spoilers removed by request.

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