Arrow Releases Concept Art of Wild Dog's New Costume

Artist Andy Poon reveals the concept art for Rene Ramirez's brand new Wild Dog costume in the current season of The CW's Arrow.

Wild Dog Arrow Season 6

The concept art of Wild Dog's (Rick Gonzalez) new suit in Arrow has been revealed, giving fans a closer look at the vigilante's updated dudss online.

The sixth season of Arrow is already in full swing, and while the show is just several episodes into the year, it feels like it has already gone through so much. Between Diggle stepping forward to be the new Emerald Archer to Oliver's flourishing personal life, it feels like the CW series is really trying to shake things up this time. Wild Dog's new suit might not be as significant in terms of the narrative impact (at least on the surface), but the creative decision to tweak the character's fight suit is sure to be a conversation-starter amongst fans.


Now, thanks to an Instagram post by illustrator and designer Andy Poon, we have a clearer look at the aforementioned costume. People were initially surprised when they first saw Wild Dog taking aesthetic cues from the rest of Team Arrow when he debuted a sleeker costume during the season 6 primer. Check out Poon's illustrations below:

Last year Green Arrow got a brand new team and Wilddog was one of the great addition. This year he gets an upgrade on his suit. Here are some concepts I did for costume designer Maya Mani. I love his character on Arrow played by @rickgonzalez and he’s badass and seem like a super cool dude in real life. He is currently raising funds for Puerto Rico, go support him! @dccomics @cw_arrow @rickgonzalez #teamarrow #wilddog #suitupgrade #mayamani #costume #concept #illustration #design

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Known for wearing a more of a rugged, casually put together ensemble made up of a hockey mask, blue shirt with a red dog in the center, black shirt, army pants, brown gloves, holster, and black eye paint, the Team Arrow vigilante currently sports a streamlined fight suit complete with a proper-looking mask. While we are still unsure if there are any major practical features that the Wild Dog's new garb offers, its body armor definitely came handy during "Fallout" when Diggle failed to take out a villain before it got close enough to Ramirez and eventually injured him.

Admittedly, the new suit definitely looks cooler than Wild Dog's older one, but not everybody is thrilled with the change that Arrow made to one of the team's newest members. The character's co-creator Terry Beatty openly chastised the show for the aesthetic overhaul that his creation was subjected to in the series. Posting an update on his official Facebook account, the comic book artist expressed his disappointment in seeing his creation given an almost entirely different identity on the show compared to his comic book origins with the only remaining traces of the character's original iteration lie in his name and costume. But with the garb obviously going through significant changes, the only left the same is his name.


Arrow continues this Thursday with ‘Reversal’ @9pm on The CW.

Source: Andy Poon

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