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The Arrow season 6 premiere episode gave Rene Ramirez's vigilante alter-ego Wild Dog a suit upgrade. Arrow's sixth season is exploring a new chapter in Oliver Queen's life, now that the long-running arc regarding his lost years in LianYu has finally wrapped up. The only remaining question from that storyline is who among Team Arrow died in the shocking explosion in the show's season 5 finale. We got some confirmations in the season 6 premiere, but certain characters' fates (including the al Ghul sisters) remain unknown.

While we continue to wait for the reveal, one member of the squad has already been confirmed to have survived: Wild Dog. And apparently, not only did he survive, he also got some updated dibs to wear moving forward. The season 6 premiere saw Oliver going after some criminals on a barge, along with select members of  Team Arrow that included his Hockey-mask wearing ally. But to everyone surprise, the latter was sporting a more polished get-up.

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As you can see from the image of Wild Dog's new outfit below, his original hockey mask, blue shirt with a red dog in the center of it, black shirt, army pants, brown gloves, holster, and black eye paint are gone. Instead, he now sports a more streamlined, vigilante-appropriate garb. The character's upgraded costume aesthetic is more on par with the rest of Team Arrow's respective fight suits.

It is currently unknown how and why the sudden change to Wild Dog's outfit was made as in hindsight, his old one effectively does what it needs to do: conceal his real identity when he goes on missions and chases down bad guys. It remains to be seen if the character's new ensemble includes any practical upgrade that help him operate better and more efficiently during his crime-fighting.

While the new suit definitely looks cooler than his make-shift one, Wild Dog's old garb arguably has more character. It differentiated him from the rest of Team Arrow, who seem to have color-coordinated their own battle costume. Even in the pages of the comic books, Wild Dog is almost always seen in his jersey, so this outfit change is a bit jarring at first. Having said that, it would make sense for his new armor to come with some additional bells and whistles that do more than simply hide his real identity.


Arrow continues next Thursday with ‘Tribute’ @9pm on The CW.

Source: The CW [via Comic Book]

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