Arrow Season 6: Wild Dog & Black Canary Will Be Series Regulars

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen the Green Arrow on the CW's Arrow

Both Wild Dog and Black Canary will be series regulars during the sixth season of Arrow. The show's season five finale is shaping up to be a tense and series-defining episode, and the fear is high that any one of our main characters may not walk away from the final showdown against Prometheus. As past seasons have come to a close, we've seen Oliver Queen lose his best friend Tommy and his mother Moira. Even before we headed into the final batch of episodes last season, Laurel was also taken. Of course, Katie Cassidy will be returning anyway next season, as the Earth Two villain Black Siren.

She's likely not going to be alone either. Before this season ends, a number of familiar faces will be popping back up on the show and could very well stick around next season. After an unusual back and forth on social media, Manu Bennett was finally confirmed to be returning as Deathstroke for the finale. Likely, his freedom from prison won't end after Prometheus is defeated. Similarly, Katrina Law will be back as Nyssa al Ghul, to face off against Adrian Chase's colleague and her sister Talia. Given her past chemistry with Cassidy, fans are more than eager to see her come back next season as well.

Whoever shows back up in the fall, they'll be joining Wild Dog and the new Black Canary. The Wrap is reporting that Rick Gonzalez and Juliana Harkavy have both been promoted to series regulars for season six of Arrow. With the news comes the confirmation that they'll survive the conflict with Prometheus, and will likely continue on as the Team Arrow 2.0 for the foreseeable future.

Along with the return of Wild Dog and Black Canary, we recently learned that Thea Queen will never be allowed to die, in order for Oliver to keep at least one family member. As such, season six looks to already be packed with a number of guaranteed and possible characters. This season has been one of Arrow's strongest in years, thanks in part to all the fresh blood on the show. The new team has allowed Oliver to emerge as a true leader, and the addition of Chase has given the show a villain to rival Deathstroke. If things hold, we could be in for an incredible run of episodes next season.

Of course, there's still plenty of time until the finale. When Arrow returns from its short hiatus, his team will have to battle it out with Felicity and Helix as they both take separate approaches to tracking down and stopping Chase. In the fallout, perhaps we'll see Felicity strike out with her new group next season, fracturing Team Arrow and allowing the new characters room to breathe. Hopefully, we'll know more soon as season five of Arrow moves towards its endgame.

Arrow returns Wednesday, April 26 with “Dangerous Liaisons,” at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The Wrap

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