Arrow Season 6 Will Feature Two-Part Deathstroke Episode

The upcoming sixth season of Arrow will turn its narrative focus on Deathstroke, providing the character with a two-part episode that explore's his backstory. After a prolonged absence, Oliver Queen's greatest enemy was brought back into the fold last season. Proving just how dire the situation with Prometheus was, Oliver joined forces with the man who made his life hell and killed his mother. And while the villain may be far from redemption, the help he lent Oliver will bring him back into the show's story.

We've known since July that season 6 of Arrow will feature Deathstroke flashbacks. With Oliver's main journey complete, the structure of each episode will likely start to look a lot different. So while the flashbacks will remain to a degree, they'll start fleshing out other characters on the show. When rumor broke that Arrow was casting one of Slade Wilson's sons, it seemed clear that the new season would prominently feature Oliver's frenemy. Now, we know a lot more about the return of Slade for season 6.

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Collider sat down with Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim for a lengthy discussion about the new season of the show. At the end of their talk, the subject of Slade emerged, with Guggenheim assuring he'll be back this season. Even more exciting, Guggenheim announced that Deathstroke will be getting a two-part episode, complete with flashbacks. The episodes in question will be 5 and 6 of the new season, meaning fans won't have to wait long.

Arrow "Deathstroke"

While Slade's time on the Island with Oliver led to him opening up about his past a bit, there's still a lot we don't know about the Arrowverse version of Slade. Luckily, after all these years, that's going to change. The flashbacks will likely explore Slade's family, his military training, and the events that led to him arriving on Lian Yu with Billy Wintergreen. And thanks to the latest trailer for the Arrowverse, we've already seen some glimpses of Deathstroke's return.

Guggenheim also revealed that part of the delay in bringing back Slade was DC's other plans for the character. Like the members of the Suicide Squad, Deathstroke was introduced on Arrow only to be pulled back once movie plans manifested. For Slade, this was his villain role in The Batman. Of course, rumors indicate that the movie's script has since purged Deathstroke, and Guggenheim hints at something similar. When discussing his talks with DC regarding Deathstroke, he mentions that the status of the character changed at the end of last year. While that was long before rumors emerged about changes to The Batman, it's possible the writing has been on the wall for awhile. Either way, it looks as if Deathstroke will be sticking around on Arrow for the foreseeable future.

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The season 6 premiere of Arrow, titled ‘Fallout’, will air Thursday, October 12 at 9 PM on The CW.

Source: Collider

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