Arrow Season 6 Villain Will Affect 'The Whole Team Personally'

While we'll likely have to wait until this weekend to learn who the big bad will be for season 6 of Arrow, we now know just how much of an impact they will have on the team. Arrow has never been shy about pulling villains both big and small from the pages of DC Comics over to the show. But while Team Arrow has faced plenty of more moderate threats, each season has been defined by one or two major players who cause Oliver and his friends a world of trouble. With Prometheus, Merlyn, and other past villains all gone, Oliver's next threat will likely be someone new. Then again, there's more than a few known villains who could be popping up this season.

After reemerging at the end of last season, we know Oliver's frenemy Deathstroke will be back for season 6 of Arrow. Whether it's as a friend or foe, we'll have to wait and see. We've also heard from the actor who plays Deadshot that he wants to return, while Stephen Amell would love to face King Shark and an evil Harrison Wells. With Arrow's Comic-Con panel scheduled for this Saturday, there's a good chance we'll learn who some of the season 6 threats will be soon. Until then, we have some hints as to how the new villain(s) will affect the team.

EW spoke with Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle about the big bad of season 6. And while she wouldn't divulge who Team Arrow would be facing, she provided some hints as to the scope of their plans:

“As usual, every season we want to try to up the stakes and do something different. This will be something we’ve never seen before. The villain will be hopefully as dynamic and as interesting as the ones we’ve had in the past. These people, or this person, won’t just be somebody that’s a thorn in Oliver’s side, but it’ll effect the whole team personally and very directly.”

Given Mericle's reference to multiple villains, it's not a stretch to assume that Helix could be the force gunning for Oliver this season. After all, given their skills, they could easily threaten Team Arrow as a whole. What's more, but characters like Felicity would be just as integral to the fight as Oliver. So could Helix and their now-freed leader Cayden James be the big bad for season 6?

“You never know. They are still in the wind. We don’t like to leave those threads dangling.”

Arrow has always been good about calling back to past plots and characters as things move along. In fact, the entirety of last season was built on story elements from previous seasons. With that in mind, it's safe to assume Helix will be back in some capacity next season. In fact, this isn't even the first time Mericle has teased Helix's involvement in season 6.

By the end of the weekend, we should know a lot more about the Arrowverse moving forward. And barring that, Arrow's premiere this fall isn't too far away.

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‘Fallout’, the season 6 premiere of Arrow, airs on The CW at 9pm on Thursday, October 12.

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Source: EW

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