Arrow Season 6 Poster: Live to Fight Another Day

The CW's Arrow unveils a brand-new poster for season 6 that reveals, despite the darkness, Oliver Queen will 'live to fight another day'.

A new poster for Arrow season 6 has arrived, proving the fight isn't over for Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). In less than two weeks, the Arrowverse will return and dive into the new status quo for each show. For Arrow, that means Oliver and his friends and family dealing with the fallout from what happened on Lian Yu. Despite the trauma, the new season will see a happier Oliver. Of course, there will still be plenty of issues with which to contend.

When Arrow returns, so will villains like Black Siren, who will be squaring off with Black Canary. We also know that fatherhood won't be a cakewalk for Oliver. The latest trailer for the new season teased the trouble the show's protagonist will have connecting with his son William. Making things even worse is the news that when Oliver joins his fellow heroes for the Arrowverse crossover on Earth-X, he'll come face to face with another Prometheus. But despite the trials the Green Arrow will face this year, he'll soldier on.

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The CW has released a new poster for season 6 of Arrow with a utilitarian but somewhat hopeful tagline.

Oliver has always been a character reluctant to trust, but he's fiercely loyal. And though the weight of the world may weigh him down at times, he always joins the fight in the end. Lucky for viewers, there have been plenty of promises that this season won't be nothing but life in the doldrums. Still, Arrow will always remain the most intense of the shows in the universe that bears its name.

As we await more information on the new season and which characters will be returning, The CW has continued to tease how things will kick off. We've seen the synopsis for both the first and second episode of the season, teasing some of the problems and conflicts that Oliver and Team Arrow will face this year. The biggest one will be Richard Dragon, a different kind of villain who will test Green Arrow in new ways. Then there's Deathstroke, who's seemingly back on Oliver's side. But when it comes to Slade Wilson, it's always best to keep one eye on him.

Whatever happens this year on Arrow, we know Oliver won't be giving up his crusade anytime soon. For one thing, that would end the show. But it's also not in Oliver's character. He may take a break here and there or declare he's finished, but he always comes back when his city needs him.

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Arrow season 6 premieres October 12 on The CW.

Source: The CW

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