Stephen Amell: Oliver Being a Dad is Favorite Part of Arrow Season 6

Oliver will have a new responsibility when Arrow returns for its sixth season, and Stephen Amell says it's his favorite part of the new season. Oliver will have to embrace his role as a dad after the events that took place in the season 5 finale.

During San Diego Comic Con 2017, Amell, who plays the character on The CW series, appeared to be enthusiastic about Oliver's new situation, but said he was nervous when he realized how many scenes he would be filming with his son, William, played by Jack Moore.

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Here is what Amell offered Cinema Blend on that topic, when he was interviewed at SDCC 2017:

I mean, Oliver being a dad is my favorite part of Season 6 thus far, and it's certainly what I've had to play the most. My first day back on Season 6 was four scenes with Jack [Moore], who plays William, and I was fucking nervous. I didn't know. I had never done a scene with this kid, you know what I mean? A kid. He's a young man. We had done one scene where I'm holding him close, and we had done one scene where he's playing with action figures. We had four scenes. I was like... I didn't know how it was gonna go! You know? And he was not only equal to the task, but excelled. I left that day feeling so bullish about Season 6 and everything that we have coming up.

Amell also talked about how being a father to William would affect his dynamic with Felicity, his ex-fiancé who he seemed to be growing close with again in Arrow season 5. Amell said that if Felicity survives the explosion on Lian Yu in the season 5 finale, the two will be "in a great spot," and that it could complicate matters, but possibly not in a bad way. Amell also pointed out that William is a sixth-grader, making it much different than becoming the parent to a baby.

If Felicity were to be supportive of Oliver as a father, it would be a big step up from her reaction to finding out about William's existence in The Flash/Arrow cross-over episode in season 4. Oliver's decision not to immediately tell Felicity about William is what led to their break-up.

It's expected that Oliver's new role in William's life will come as a result of what happened in the season 5 finale. Since Oliver had planned on staying out of William's life until he reached the age of 18, their new relationship suggests that William's mother is dead. Fans will be interested to see how Oliver's new responsibilities as a father will impact the show and the character in season 6.

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Season 6 of Arrow premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW.

Source: Cinema Blend

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