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Arrow season 6 will see Oliver further exploring the relationship with his son William. Over the past five seasons, Arrow has laid out a number of plots and storylines. While other genre shows would abandon most of these—and Arrow has done its fair share—it's to the show's credit that it continually uses elements from the past to reinforce the present. It's not too surprising, of course, as the show was long been built around the idea of flashbacks that tie into the present day action. Still, it's admirable for the show to be so self-reflective.

Following the tragic events of the finale, self-relflection will likely be the name of the game moving forward. We've been told the fallout from the finale will have consequences other than just death and destruction, and part of that will likely come in the form of Oliver reexamining himself and his relationships. One such relationship will the one between him and his son William. Introduced in what seemed to be a plot geared towards exploring Moira Queen, Oliver's progeny popped up again on the first crossover with The Flash before playing a significant role in the second Arrowverse crossover. With last season, William got put right in the crosshairs of Prometheus, something that will likely unify the two.

CinemaBlend were on hand at a panel where Stephen Amell discussed the future of Arrow and how he hopes Oliver and William's relationship will change in the coming season.

"I'm excited that not only are they going to learn about having the father/son relationship, I think we're going to explore that in Season 6, but [William] also knows that Oliver is the Green Arrow. So there's a lot of interesting layers and dynamics. I'm just excited to have to teach him a lesson. As a father, Oliver will definitely try to be better than what he's been as a person... So hopefully he can be a good example for William."

The show has previously bent over backwards to find a reason why William can't be in Oliver's life. Even more egregious, the decision drove a wedge between the hero and Felicity. Luckily, that mistake looks like it will be rectified in the wake of Oliver potentially losing all of his friends.

Meanwhile, we've heard the next Arrowverse crossover will increase the emotional stakes in order to the up the ante following last year's alien invasion. Considering the role William has played in the crossovers so far, perhaps we'll see him play a more significant role. After all, one of the best episodes of Arrow yet came during last year's crossover and dealt with Oliver and his family.

Oliver's relationships won't be the only thing the hero reexamines in season 6. Yesterday, we learned that Amell is hoping to see Green Arrow grow more humorous and socially conscious, mirroring the character's strong personality in the comics. Given that the change from the source material when it comes to Oliver's mood and ideology has long bugged fans, the shift could see season 6 of Arrow turn into the show's best run yet.

Arrow season 6 premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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