First Arrow Season 6 Concept Art Features Black Canary Memorial

Production art has begun coming in for season 6 of The CW's Arrow, with a new memorial for the fallen Black Canary. While The Flash is lousy with speedsters and Arrow has more archers than it knows what to do with, the Arrowverse has also had quite a few Black Canaries. While Sara Lance never used the full name, she did rock the outfit and the sonic cry, while also originating the 'Canary' part of the name. Following one of her many deaths, her sister Laurel trained to become the first official Black Canary, elevating her character and finally bringing her into the main action of the show.

For awhile, Laurel slowly grew to look more and more like her comic counterpart, even getting a throat-based Canary Cry thanks to Cisco. Sadly, the Lance sisters have a bad habit of dying. While Sara has gone on to become the White Canary over on Legends of Tomorrow, Laurel's mantle has been passed on to a new vigilante. Still, her sacrifice and service to the city was honored by the unveiling of a poorly-rendered statue. This past season, however, it was destroyed, but Team Arrow hasn't given up on honoring the original Black Canary.

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has taken to Twitter to share the first piece of production art for Arrow season 6. In it, we see the new Black Canary memorial in the form of a display, featuring Laurel's costume on a mannequin.

Production art starting to come in for Arrow Season 6…

— Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) June 23, 2017

In a way, the new memorial is far more fitting. The original Black Canary was helpful to the city, but the statue seemed a bit much considering she was a vigilante, and a relatively new one. With Dinah wearing her own version of Black Canary's costume, it's a nice touch to put Laurel's original one on display with the other mannequins in the lair. With Prometheus' destruction of the former lair, however, this could also be our first glimpse of the new headquarters for the team.

Of course, Laurel may not be the only one who needs a memorial. Given the shocking finale of season 5, Oliver may have lost some more companions, either to death or something worse. Speedy's costume still mingles with the other active heroes, so we could see the season open with Oliver gazing at a wall of discarded costumes for his dead and absent friends. Given how much more optimistic Oliver has been lately, here's hoping that isn't the case.

The other notable thing about bringing Laurel's costume to the forefront is it leaves it open for someone else to don it. On the one hand, that could be Dinah. It could also be Black Siren, Laurel's Earth Two doppelgänger. Both Dinah and Black Siren have been promoted to series regulars in Arrow season 6, so there's a good chance that they'll be back and vying for Star City's Most Sonic Scream.

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Arrow season 6 premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW.

Source: Marc Guggenheim

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