Arrow Season 6 May Feature the Return of Huntress

Huntress in Arrow

Season 6 of The CW series Arrow could potentially see the return of a classic DC character that hasn't appeared on the show since 2014. Helena Bertinelli, also known as the Huntress (played by Jessica De Gouw) has spent years in jail and may finally cross paths once again with Team Arrow.

 Since playing the Huntress character, De Gouw has been a regular in the short-lived NBC series Dracula and the WGN series Underground, which was cancelled after two season in May. It seems that the 29-year-old Australian actor has an "absolute willingness" to bring Huntress to life again, meaning there is a real possibility that she will appear at some point during the show's impending sixth season.

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Executive producer Marc Guggenheim was asked about the chances of the character's return in Arrow season 6 by CBR. Guggenheim seemed interested in the idea and confirmed that bringing back the Huntress is an option that the series' producers are willing to pursue:

I want to say, ‘Absolutely.’ Jessica De Gouw has expressed an absolute willingness to come back. Jessica’s a favorite actor of mine, and the Huntress is a favorite character of mine. I want to make it happen in Season 6. We’ve got some plans for the later half of the year that I think she will fit into really well, so we’ll see.

Huntress and Oliver on Arrow

De Gouw first appeared as the character in "Muse of Fire", the seventh episode of Arrow season 1. The daughter of a powerful crime boss, Helena Bertinelli developed a deep hatred for her father and his criminal empire after they murdered her fiancé. Toward the beginning of her story-arc, her mission of vengeance against the Bertinellis mirrored Oliver's, but in time it became apparent that Helena and Oliver were completely different.

Soon after developing a romantic relationship with Helena, Oliver realized how violent and out of control she had become and had to stop her. Huntress, having been trained in archery by Oliver, became a dangerous foe for Team Arrow, but she was eventually defeated.

She returned in an episode of season 2 to kill Laurel, who was handling her father's case. She was defeated again and sent to prison, where the character has remained ever since. It's hard to say what kind of person she will be if and when she ever comes out.

The comic book version of Huntress was also prone to violence, however, the character was able to develop a more heroic reputation after spending some time as a member of the Justice League. Fans will have to wait and see if the Arrow version will have a similar chance to redeem herself.

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Season 6 of Arrow premieres October 12 at 9pm on The CW.

Source: CBR

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