Arrow Season 6 Will Include Flashbacks for Deathstroke

Arrow season 6 is confirmed to include flashbacks for none other than Deathstroke. Fans who have watched the Arrow season 6 Comic-Con trailer for season 6 already knew that Deathstroke aka. Slade Wilson, played by Manu Bennett, is going to have a big presence in upcoming episodes this next season, but this update reveals that we will be learning more about the character's past too.

For five seasons, flashbacks have been a big part of Arrow, as almost every episode explores another chapter in Oliver's five-year absence from Star City. The creators of the show made it clear a long time ago that once that story was completed, the show would move on from that part of Oliver's life - meaning that Arrow would either have to find new material for flashbacks, or abandon the format altogether. It had been suggested that more characters would have flashbacks in season 6 - and one such character that fans have indeed wanted to learn more about, is Bennett's Slade Wilson.

Arrow executive producer Mark Guggenheim spoke to Cinema Blend at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, revealing how flashbacks will be handled in season 6. According to Guggenheim, flashbacks won't appear in every episode, and when they do appear in an episode, they'll be "character specific," which isn't too different than what has been done in the past whenever Oliver's past isn't the focus of an episode. Guggenheim also commented on what flashbacks will be featured:

As you saw in the trailer Manu Bennett is back for the season premiere and he's also coming back for a special two-part episode in the first half of the season where we're really going to be focusing hard on his character, post everything he's experienced on the show and we intend to do a Slade Wilson flashback story.

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Also known as Deathstroke, the character was introduced in season 1 but was only seen in flashbacks. Wilson later became "the big bad" of season 2  when a drug called Mirakuru enhanced his abilities and affected his judgment. After killing Oliver's mother, it appeared that Wilson had reached the point-of-no-return, but Oliver refrained from killing him and had him locked away on the island of Lian Yu. Aside from an appearance in a single episode of season 3, the character remained inactive on the show until Oliver recruited him to help him save his son from Prometheus in the season 5 finale. Wilson, seemingly cured of Mirakuru, appears to be back on the side of the good guys. It remains to be seen if the character can be redeemed or forgiven for his actions in season 2.

As for what Wilson's flashbacks could entail, the character's life before meeting Oliver has been largely unexplored. It's been stated that he worked as a special agent for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, and also had a normal life as a father and husband.

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Season 6 of Arrow premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW.

Source: Cinema Blend

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