Arrow Season 6 Extended Trailer: Oliver is the Bad Man

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The latest trailer for Arrow season 6 shows that Oliver will have to grapple with his past in order to face his future. Oliver has already been through a lot over the past 5 seasons of Arrow and 10 years of his life. And just as he defeated his greatest enemy and learned to become a true leader, he watched as all of his friends potentially perished on Lian Yu. Luckily, we know that a number of characters are far from gone. Diggle, Felicity, Black Siren, Black Canary, and Wild Dog will all return in season 6. Still, the team and Oliver will face many hardships this season.

Mixed in with all the trauma of the new season of Arrow will also be a happier Oliver and some fun trick arrows. While Arrow went fairly dark in seasons 3 and 4, the show has been slowly pushing towards a more content and realized Oliver. We may even see some of his signature humor from the comics this season. But despite the happy times ahead, plenty of trauma will still need to be unpacked.

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The CW has released an extended trailer for season 6 of Arrow. In it, we see something that shows just how far this show has come: Slade Wilson giving Oliver advice. As Oliver atones for his past and deals with the events of last seasons, he'll also be learning how to raise his son. Unfortunately, it looks as if William doesn't hold a favorable view of his absentee father.

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It won't just be Oliver grappling with his past and dual identity this year. Dinah will begin to take more of an active role, even as Earth-2 Laurel comes to the forefront of the story. As both Black Canary and Black Siren prepare to do battle, they will also be finding their places in the larger Arrowverse.

Hopefully, all the fighting won't be too distracting - as Oliver and his team are also headed towards this year's big crossover. Heavily involving the Nazi-occupied world of Earth-X, the new team-up will see the superheroes of the Arrowverse battling evil versions of Flash, Supergirl, and Green Arrow. The 4-part spectacular will also legitimize the new animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray, proving Oliver and the other characters with even more potential allies in the battles to come.

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Arrow season 6 premieres October 12 on The CW.

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