Arrow Season 6 May Be Casting Deathstroke's Son

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A new casting announcement suggests that one of Deathstroke's sons will appear in Arrow season 6. After the events of season 5, there's really no telling what direction Arrow will go in this fall. Not only will Oliver be dealing with the fallout of the events on Lian Yu, but the show's entire narrative has taken a turn - now that it's done flashing-back to Oliver's 5 year journey home. Of course, elements from the past will still play into the show's present.

Among other things, it seems that Huntress could return to Arrow in season 6, after a prolonged absence. In the meantime, Black Siren will continue to confuse the team and threaten the various living members of the Lance family. By bringing in foes that tie back to Oliver's past, the show should continue to gain thematic richness. However, not everything will be focused on the Green Arrow. The events of season 6 are said to devastate Diggle - and now that Deathstroke is back in the mix, we could dive deeper into his own history.

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According to TV LineArrow is adding a character in season 6 that (seemingly) has ties to Oliver's greatest frenemy. Here is the relevant excerpt from the article:

"The CW series is currently seeking an Aussie lad to fill the guest-starring role of an 'introverted, moody and naturally athletic' teenager."

While the Australian teenager in question could be a separate character, it seems likely he'll be related to Deathstroke. We already know Slade will be getting flashbacks this season, so it makes sense for Arrow to focus on his family either in the past or present. As for who the young man is, there's two strong possibilities.

In the comics, Slade was three children. His daughter Rose is obviously out given the term 'lad', but she also served as the template for Isabella Rochev/Ravager during season 2. His son Grant, meanwhile, appeared in the future version of Star City on season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow. While Arrow could recast the role, Slade's son Joe seems to be the more likely candidate.

Joe Wilson hasn't yet appeared in the Arrowverse, but Slade has mentioned him a number of times throughout the show. As Slade hasn't brought up any other children and knowing Arrow often brings back elements from previous seasons, Joe will probably appear in some form this season. In the comics, he's just as villainous as his father, so he could present Oliver with another threat. Then again, Slade is walking an interesting line these days, so there's no telling what the future holds for the Wilson family. With season 6 of Arrow coming up fast, we should know who the mysterious Aussie is soon enough.

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Arrow season 6 premieres Thursday October 12 at 9pm on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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