Arrow: Colton Haynes' Roy Harper Returns In New Photos

Colton Haynes as the Red Arrow

Images from the upcoming Arrow episode "Doppelganger" show the return of Colton Haynes as Roy Harper. The return of Thea's old boyfriend and Oliver's old sidekick, Roy/Arsenal, was promised a while ago, and fans have been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to see Haynes as the popular character for the first time in over two years.

The recently released episode synopsis for "Doppelganger" revealed that Roy's return to Star City would be due to him being in trouble and needing help from Oliver and Thea. As to what kind of trouble Roy finds himself in, and what needs to be done to save him, still remains a question, as no specific details have been released thus far. However, a crop of new photos may shed some light on Roy's predicament.


The CW released several pictures from Arrow's "Doppelganger" episode, and they largely focus on Roy's return. While it is still not clear what brings Roy back to Star City, or exactly how much danger he's in, there are a number of theories which can be formed from these pictures. Take a look:

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Possibly the most exciting thing in the photos is seeing Thea suit up once again as Speedy. She retired as a vigilante a year after she joined up with her brother to fight crime, and she only came back to fight The Dominators because she was so excited about fighting aliens. She hasn't worn her Speedy suit and taken to the streets in well over a year, but her history with Roy apparently inspires her to don the red jacket and mask once more.

Meanwhile, at first glance, it looks like Roy has been arrested, which makes sense. After all, he confessed to being the Arrow and then faked his own death from jail in order to prevent Oliver's secret identity from being discovered. Things wouldn't work out too well for Roy if the Star City police ever found out that he's still alive. However, something seems very wrong with officers in the above images. Roy has clearly been physically hurt, and he's zip-tied to a chair in what looks to be a hotel room, not the police station. The image looks more like a kidnapping than an arrest, meaning these police may not actually be who they appear to be.

Fans will have to wait a little bit longer before Roy returns, though, seeing as Arrow is currently on hiatus while the Winter Olympics are going on. And when Arrow does come back there is one more episode before "Doppelganger" airs. However, these photos make it clear that this episode is going to turn out to have been worth the wait.


Arrow returns to The CW with "Collision Course" on Thursday, March 1 at 8 pm. "Doppelganger" airs March 8.

Source: The CW

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