Arrow Season 6 To Reveal Black Siren's Backstory

Arrow will soon return with season 6, and the show will finally reveal crucial details related to the villainous Black Siren’s tragic past. When Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) was killed by Damien Darhk, fans were left questioning the future of the Black Canary character. The writers of Arrow, however, saw fit to replace one Black Canary from the comics with yet another, this time in the form of Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy).

Cassidy, however, still remains a presence on Arrow, taking up the mantle of Laurel’s Earth 2 doppelganger, Black Siren. The character was last seen on the island of Lian Yu along with the rest of Prometheus’s henchman and Team Arrow, whose fates were left a mystery after Prometheus sacrificed himself to blow up Lian Yu. However, thanks to the recent trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con, it’s clear that Black Siren is one of the survivors of the deadly explosion, along with Drake and Deathstroke (Manu Bennet). With that in mind, it certainly makes sense for the show to finally delve into that character’s past.

Speaking to Comic Book, Cassidy believes that Arrow will explore Earth 2 Laurel’s complicated past, especially as it relates to her relationship with Oliver Queen, who died on her Earth. Revealing how complex this version of her character actually is, Cassidy said:

"Yes, I think the more we learn about her backstory and what her relationship was like with Oliver, absolutely. I think it will make sense in the end and not necessarily make her as bad of a person. You might be like "Oh, okay that makes sense." Yes, I do think we'll know more."

This could certainly be an interesting route for the show to take, and fans will surely wonder if this could mean the beginnings of a redemptive arc for Black Siren. Furthermore, could it eventually lead to the character taking over the role of Black Canary? For the moment, at least, that doesn’t seem very likely. With Drake finally getting her own version of the Black Canary costume in season 6, it seems more likely that Harkavy will be around for the long run. Of course, such things are never certain on a show like Arrow.

Either way, when Arrow returns it’ll be on the heels of the show’s best received season since the second. Will it be able to build on the momentum of the huge cliffhanger that ended season 5? Fans will have to wait for a definitive answer, but with the show seemingly shifting focus to more underdeveloped characters like Black Siren and Oliver’s newfound role as a dad, there’s good reason to be excited.

Arrow season 6 premieres Thursday, October 12 on The CW.

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Source: Comic Book

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