Watch the New Black Canary in Action on Arrow Season 6

A new preview for Arrow season 6 highlights some of the survivors of Lian Yu and offers a few glimpses of Dinah's new Black Canary costume in action. In a little less than two months, the Arrowverse will return and catch fans up on everything that's transpired since May. For Arrow, that means dealing with the fallout of the events of Lian Yu. After the completion of Prometheus' plan, Oliver and his son looked to be among the few survivors. Thanks to news and casting announcements, though, we already know the names of at least a few others who made it off the island.

Diggle will return to deal with more emotional baggage, during Arrow season 6. Meanwhile, Black Siren, Dinah Lance, and Renee will all be upgraded to series regulars. Dinah will even be getting a new Black Canary costume, perfect for taking up that crime-fighting mantle. The inclusion of both Dinah and the Earth-2 Laurel, however, will certainly cause tension. They've already come to blows once before, and Katie Cassidy has made clear she wants to fight as many Canaries as possible this year. Now, we have a tease of the current Black Canary taking on the evil Laurel.

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DC Entertainment released a new preview for Arrow season 6 that features interviews with the series' cast and showrunner. While most of the information presented here merely sets up the season 6 premiere, the interviews are intercut with some new and old footage. Included in the new footage are several shots of Dinah in her new costume fighting what looks like Laurel in season 6.

Along with the characters confirmed to return, we know Deathstroke will factor into Arrow season 6. Not only will there be flashback to the character's past, but one of Deathstroke's sons may even appear on the show. Given all of that information, it seems clear that Slade survived the events of the season 5 finale, too.

Even before the explosions, we apparently witnessed the death of Malcolm Merlyn. While we previously heard the character is well and truly dead, the actor behind him, John Barrowman has an open invitation to return in the future. And given the fact that Malcolm has defeated death before, it's not hard to imagine him coming back at some point.

As we get closer to the Arrow season 6 premiere, it's becoming clearer that no main characters perished in the season 5 finale - well, except maybe Captain Boomerang. As such, much of season 6 will deal with the repercussions of what went down on Lian Yu. Of course, all of these announcements could be a ploy and we'll actually be seeing these characters return in a flashback to the moments of their death in the finale. Either way, we will know for certain soon enough.

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Arrow season 6 premieres Thursday, October 12 @ 8pm on The CW.

Source: DC Entertainment

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