Arrow Season 5: Potential Villain Details Revealed

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

The CW's Arrow is still finishing up season 4, but that doesn't mean that producers aren't looking forward to season 5 already. While the powers that be behind the show have intimated that Oliver may be making a trip to Russia, via the series' flashbacks, there's no telling where the fifth season will take Oliver and company in the present day. And although the setting may not be entirely clear, we may have an idea of what Team Arrow will be up against.

A new series regular being added to the show just may be the Big Bad of season 5. Described as "irrepressibly charming," the new character is said to be a dangerous contemporary of Oliver's with a mission of his own -- a mission that isn't too far removed from Star City's Emerald Archer.

Identified only as "James," TVLine reports that the new character is a "man on a mission" who is out to avenge a tragic loss from years earlier. The casting call for the character is seeking an actor in his late 20s to 30s of any ethnicity. Of note: the casting call pointed out the actor must be physically imposing, which isn't too much of a surprise, given the physiques that are regularly on display in the series. What is interesting, though, is that James' imposing stature will be countered by his charm and what sounds like a largely friendly disposition.

Stephen Amell in Arrow Season 4 Episode 15

Giving an idea as to the sort of character James will be, he is described as being very difficult to read. According to the description, he will "just as easily shake your hand as your best friend or break your neck as your worst enemy — and you never know which one is coming. Either way, he’s more than capable of having a good time as he does it." The idea of James "having a good time" while shaking hands and breaking necks sounds as though he has something of a villainous streak to him, but his status as a hero, villain, or something in between hasn't been confirmed by the show as yet.

It's hard to place this new addition within the DC Universe, since his general backstory could fit several different characters. It's likely that the name "James" is just a codename to keep fans from figuring out the character's identity too quickly. It's also possible that the character's description is being written as appearing villainous as a bit of misdirection to disguise a new antihero that will join the cast.

Regardless of whether the new character is a hero or a villain, his similarities to Oliver (especially in season 1) could bring an interesting dynamic to the show. It's unclear whether James would make a more compelling ally or enemy, but either way, there's a good chance that he'll face off against Oliver at least once during season 5.

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Arrow continues on Wednesday with ‘Genesis’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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