Arrow's Vigilante Won’t Be Unmasked in Season 5

Arrow Vigilante in Mask

This week on Arrow, we got the answer to one of the biggest questions of this season so far when Prometheus pulled off his hood to reveal District Attorney Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra). The revelation was a huge surprise for many fans (although some had already guessed the villain's identity), and it looks like Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is going to remain in the dark about the secret activities of his friend for some time. This reveal came at the end of a fight between Prometheus and Vigilante, another masked villain for season 5, who works to take out the criminals in Star City with lethal force.

While the confrontation ended with Prometheus giving away his true identity (to the audience only), we still don't know who Vigilante could be - and now it seems that we may not even find out this season.

This week's Spoiler Room on EW included a single question about the upcoming episodes of Arrow, and whether or not we would be finding out the true identity of Vigilante. The question is answered by Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim: "We know the answer to that. You probably will not get the answer to that in season 5."

Carly Pope and Stephen Amell in Arrow Season 5

It's a little surprising that the audience won't be finding out exactly who Vigilante is this season, as the show usually deals with any new mystery characters within the same season that they appear. However, as Vigilante is not the primary antagonist for this season, it may simply be that there is not enough time to close out the Prometheus story arc and the Vigilante story arc in the remaining eight episodes of season 5. We do know that next week the Green Arrow and Prometheus are going head to head after the villain kidnaps Oliver's girlfriend, and with Vigilante no longer targeting Oliver, he will probably remain a background villain for now.

This is disappointing news for many fans, who won't want to wait until the fall (and the start of season 6) to find out exactly who this latest Star City inhabitant is behind his red mask. It also leaves us wondering what is going to happen with the fragment of Vigilante's mask that was torn off this week - usually, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) would be able to track down the source of a strange item in a moment, so what is going to get in the way this time? That said, it is reassuring to know that Arrow won't be trying to cram in too much in the final leg of season 5 - attempting to resolve both the Vigilante and Prometheus - along with the new Team Arrow, Thea's (Willa Holland) upset, and Felicity's journey as a hacker - could potentially be too much ground to cover. We'll be happy to wait until season 6 to see where this secondary villain goes.

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Arrow will return to The CW on Wednesday, March 15 at 8pm.

Source: EW

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