Arrow Season 5 Return Trailer: Oliver Recruits Deathstroke

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen the Green Arrow on the CW's Arrow

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Arrow ahead.]


The trailer for the return of Arrow has arrived, featuring a cavalcade of returning friends and foes. All season long, Prometheus has been using Oliver's past to toy with him and make the hero question his mission. The show, meanwhile, has been using the same events to highlight Oliver's progress and tie together his journey in the flashbacks. In doing so, the writers are not only wrapping up the past five seasons, but setting up the new status quo for the fall. As such, we've seen a lot of returning characters already this season, and that trend will only continue.

The show's been on a short hiatus, but is all set to return next week and continue the hunt for Adrian Chase. We've also been getting word of a number of characters we can expect to see come back before the end of the season. Nyssa al Ghul will return, facing off against her sister Talia who's allied with Adrian Chase. Even more exciting, but Deathstroke will officially be returning with Manu Bennet providing the voice. Now, thanks to the latest promo for the show, we know they won't be alone.

The CW has released a two-minute sizzle reel/trailer for the remainder of Arrow season 5 that gives us a taste of what to expect when the show returns. We see Nyssa battling Talia, as well as the return of Malcolm Merlyn. In addition, Yao Fei, Cody Rhodes and Dolph Lundgren are back to give Oliver a hard time. The trailer ends with Oliver returning to the prison on Lian Yu and seeking the help of Slade Wilson.

Manu Bennett Not Returning For Arrow Season 5 Finale

The trailer has a lot to unpack besides what we've already mentioned. There are scenes from an upcoming episode where Oliver and Felicity will examine their relationship and how it fell apart, after the pair end up trapped together. There's also the shocking return of Laurel, who reveals herself to her father before chaining him up. Of course, viewers already know the truth about who she really is - Black Siren, who's confirmed as a series regular for Arrow season 6. Still, it's surprising to see her factor into the plot at this stage.

All told, Oliver and his team will have their hands full. Chase seems to be recruiting a number of past villains in his fight against the Green Arrow, meaning the team will have to turn to help wherever they can find it. While that includes Nyssa, Slade, and possibly Merlyn, expect a few more surprises as Arrow season 5 comes to a close.

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Arrow returns Wednesday, April 26 with “Dangerous Liaisons” at 8pm on The CW.

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