New Arrow Video Reveals Vigilante In Action

Arrow Season 5 Villain Vigilante

Season 5 of Arrow has gotten off to a solid start with fans and critics through its first stretch of episodes, electing to focus more on the Green Arrow’s struggle to build his crime-fighting team back up after the events of last season. While fans have seen small glimpses of this season’s supposed big bad in the form of Prometheus, it was only with this week’s ‘So It Begins’ that saw the focus shift to his machinations. Still, the big focus has been the chemistry between team Arrow.

Arrow has brought in quite a few somewhat obscure comic characters this season to serve Green Arrow’s team-building needs (as well as antagonistic), with heroes like Ragman and Wild Dog taking center stage as Oliver’s students. Now there is visual confirmation that the series will continue this tradition by bringing in another masked hero. The CW released a promo of the upcoming episode ‘Vigilante,’ which naturally teases the introduction of Vigilante, facing off against Green Arrow and his team. The promo also reveals Vigilante’s full costume in action and it seems to be fairly comic accurate.

In the comics, the Vigilante mantle was worn by a plethora of characters throughout the hero’s run, but only one of them has been definitively introduced in the Arrowverse: Adrian Chase, the District Attorney of Star City. It seems more than likely that he’ll be taking up the role on the show as well. Though the promo seems to paint Vigilante and Green Arrow as enemies, it also seems entirely possible that the former will have a change of heart. This is not necessarily a guarantee, however, as the Adrian Chase run of the character saw a more violent and cold Vigilante.

Arrow Season 5 Villain Vigilante

If the Arrow producers do elect to keep Vigilante as a more grey-area character morally, it would pretty much fit in with the direction the show’s been taking as of late. Stephen Amell’s portrayal of Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow has mirrored where the character was in the first season mentally, specifically his willingness to kill criminals. It’s honestly the perfect time to bring in a character like Chase’s Vigilante, though for how long he’ll actually stick around is anyone’s guess.

This news does raise the question if Arrow simply has too many characters to handle, especially if Vigilante does end up sticking around long-term. With a season consisting of 23 episodes, however, it’s easy to imagine the producers looking at more cast members as a favorable thing to create more storylines and momentum to push the overarching storyline forward and raise the stakes.

Arrow continues next Wednesday with 'Vigilante' @8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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