Arrow Season 5.5: Oliver Suits Up Less in New Episodes

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Fans of the many different series and franchises that have been birthed at DC are able to find entertainment in both the DC Extended Universe on the big screen and the DC-inspired television shows that have garnered themselves a dedicated following. The CW's DC television comic book adaptations all started with Arrow, which then went on to spin off The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, while Supergirl more recently joined the universe.

Now midway through its fifth season, Arrow is returning at the end of the month after a winter break to deliver its second batch of episodes. Whilst we’ve seen plenty of action and new faces through the episodes aired to date, plenty more should be heading our way. According to lead actor Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow in the series, fans won’t be disappointed upon the show’s comeback. Despite that, they may be a little surprised at his recent comments.

Speaking during one of his recent Facebook Live Q&A sessions, Amell talked a little about what viewers should expect in upcoming episodes of Arrow season 5. He explained:

“A couple of episodes coming up that are really fun. Couple of episodes that I’m barely in the Arrow suit, which is not to say that the action is lower! It’s just different.”

Oliver Queen's Trick Arrows

Highlighting the more personable and relatable side of Queen is something that the show seems to be doing a lot more of lately, and for good reason. In the comic book world, we don’t just see our crime-fighting superheroes on the streets taking out cronies, but we follow them through their real-life journeys and adventures as well. Bringing that to Arrow just adds another layer of success to the adaptation.

Amell is an actor that has, for some time now, been praised for his acting ability, so knowing that he’s going to be able to get his chops around something a little different in at least a couple of episodes this season is certainly exciting, not only for the viewers but probably for the man himself.

In saying that, there are viewers who prefer action and to the more caring and thoughtful scenes including Oliver and his team. Bringing the character out of the Green Arrow costume for too long may alienate viewers from the TV show. Considering the criticisms of Arrow season 4, alienating viewers this season with less Green Arrow action may draw even more criticism. Either way, fans will get a chance to see what exactly Amell means by "different" when season 5 returns later this month.

Arrow season 5 returns to The CW with ‘Who Are You?’ on Wednesday, January 25 at 8pm.

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