Deathstroke & Oliver Team Up in Extended Arrow Season 5 Finale Trailer

Deathstroke and the Green Arrow team up in a new trailer. Ten years ago on Arrow, wealthy and irresponsible Oliver Queen was on his family's yacht with his father, his girlfriend's sister Sara Lance, and a number of other people when the ship sank. Believing himself to be the only survivor, Oliver washed up on the prison island of Lian Yu. The five years he was away changed him into a man determined to save his city. And the following five years, he has done what he can for Star (formerly Starling) City, as a series of vigilante personas.

Now he's headed back to Lian Yu. All year Oliver has been threatened by Prometheus - aka Adrian Chase - the son of a man Oliver killed in his early days as a vigilante. Chase has abducted virtually everyone close to Oliver: his five teammates, including Diggle and Felicity who have been with him since nearly the beginning; his friend Quentin Lance; and the few members of Ollie's family who remain - his sister Thea and son William. Leaving Oliver without a team, Ollie turned to the few people he could, including Malcolm Merlyn, Nyssa al Ghul, and - in the final moments of last week's episode - Slade Wilson.

Now The CW has released an extra extended trailer for next week's Arrow season 5 finale, confirming that Slade - aka Deathstroke - will once again fight at Ollie's side. And he's not the only former enemy on the new team either.

The history between Slade and Oliver is pretty mixed. When Ollie first found himself living on Lian Yu, Slade was a friend who helped him survive. But when Oliver was unable to save their other friend Shado, Slade blamed Ollie, and things only got worse from there - with Slade killing Oliver's mother and attacking his city years later. Slade was the big bad in season two of Arrow and was still trying to hurt Ollie when he appeared for an episode in season three. Now it looks like they will be on the same side once more, in spite of their rocky history.

Slade even pokes a bit of fun at their history in the trailer. When Ollie laments about his past haunting him, Slade dryly replies "Seems to be a recurring theme with you, kid." Certainly Slade himself is an element of Ollie's past that keeps popping up, as are the three others joining them. And of course, Chase himself is an embodiment of Ollie's past - the child of someone he killed when trying to do good - coming back to haunt him.

The trailer also gives some insight as to why Captain Boomerang is helping Oliver, information not revealed in the previous trailer or released images. The other three recruits - Slade, Nyssa, and Malcolm - all have history with Oliver, good and bad. Boomerang was a one-shot villain who Ollie stopped with his friend's help. But it sounds like Ollie will be offering him freedom from imprisonment in exchange for his assistance. Whether Slade is getting a similar deal is not yet known.

There is also some footage of the various hostages, including Rene and Dinah who have not been seen since their captures. Not seen however, is William, though Chase threatens the boy to force Ollie and friends into what looks like a pretty spectacular fight. One which may not be resolved for awhile, since the episode promises a big cliffhanger leading into season six.

'Lian Yu', the season 5 finale of Arrow, will air on The CW on Wednesday, May 24 at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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