Arrow Season 5 Finale Won't Take Place in Star City

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen the Green Arrow on the CW's Arrow

Arrow has always had its highs and lows. After starting off to middling reviews from critics and audiences, it began gaining momentum in the second half of its first season before the follow-up reached an all-time high. From there, however, things started sagging in quality as the show took a turn with seasons 3 and 4. Luckily, season 5 has bounced back with a deeply personal arc, a compelling villain, and a batch of new characters.

After this week's brutal episode, things look to be headed to all-out war in Star City next week as Oliver hunts down Prometheus, while faces from the past return. Of course, what looks to be an intense and action-packed episode won't even be the finale. There are still multiple episodes left to go until the end, and the show's producers have promised it will be character-driven and psychological. But will Star City once again suffer for the latest schemes of a villain Team Arrow have to face? Citizens of Star City can take heart, as the action will be far away from their homes and loved ones.

EW spoke with executive producer Marc Guggenheim about the finale and he assured viewers that not only would the city be safe during the finale, but the action won't take place anywhere nearby.

“We’re not going to destroy the city. We’re not even going to threaten the city. In fact, I can also tell you the finale doesn’t even take place in the city. Finally, the citizens of Star City can breathe easily in May."

Aside from every finale dealing with some sort of mass destruction and death in Star City, there's been a lot of events in between that have left citizens, police, and many a mayor dead. Because of that, it's good to hear this finale will be switching things up. Of course, next week still looks to bring pretty of trouble to Star City. Meanwhile, Guggenheim went on to talk a little about some familiar faces showing up at the end of the season.

"You can expect a good number of returning characters, characters you haven’t seen in a while, back in the episode.”

Earlier this week, Arrow star Stephen Amell teased the return of Deathstroke to the show this season. While it's unclear whether that will take place in a flashback or during the present day, either are possible. Considering he's a fan-favorite character and arguably the show's greatest villain so far, his return is an exciting prospect for viewers. With the finale of the show fast-approaching, it won't be long before fans know a lot more about what it will entail and who will be involved.

Arrow continues next Wednesday with ‘Disbanded’ @8pm on The CW.

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Source: EW

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