Arrow Season 5: Katrina Law Returning as Nyssa al Ghul

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Katrina Law's Nyssa al Ghul is coming back to Arrow, leading up to a big showdown between her and her sister in the show's season 5 finale. Meanwhile, Oliver and Adrian Chase will have their own big confrontation, while the flashbacks will bring the series full circle by showing our hero becoming the Hood and publicly returning to Star City. But just as Oliver is leaving Lian Yu in the past, he'll be returning there in the present for a major fight.

Stephen Amell has confirmed that Deathstroke will be returning to Arrow for the season 5 finale - which itself, will take place on Lian Yu. In doing so, we'll get the "personal and psychological" final episode of the season we were promised, as Oliver is forced to confront his past and his demons in order to defeat Chase. As we know, however, Chase isn't alone. He's been working with both Talia al Ghul and Evelyn Sharp, so it might help if Oliver had one more unexpected ally to help in the final confrontation. Luckily, an old frenemy will be returning to the show to assist Oliver and give new meaning to the term "sibling rivalry."

EW is confirming that Law will be coming back to Arrow during the final part of season 5 to reprise her role as Nyssa al Ghul. Even better, she will be fighting against her sister Talia, pitting the two Daughters of the Demon against one another in what's sure to be a brutal and exhilarating battle.

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While Talia may be the more well-known name in the comics, Law's tenure on Arrow has made Nyssa a fan-favorite character that many have long been hoping to see return to the series. With the future of her CBS show Training Day uncertain, we could even see Law coming back as a regular in Arrow season 6. Given her past friendship with Laurel, it would also be interesting to watch her confront Black Siren when Katie Cassidy returns to Arrow as a season 6 regular.

In the meantime, Oliver and his team have a lot to do before they're ready for the season 5 finale. When the show returns, they'll have to hunt down Chase. We've also been promised that Oliver and Felicity's breakup will be addressed before this season of Arrow is over. That's a hefty to-do list, all leading up to what looks to be a clash of the old and the new during a (hopefully, epic) battle on Lian Yu in the season 5 finale.

Arrow returns Wednesday, April 26 with ‘Dangerous Liaisons’, at 8 pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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