Arrow Season 5 Finale Has Personal & Psychological Ending

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Now on its 5th season on The CW, Arrow has developed something of a reputation when it comes to season finales. Every year, some new major threat is looming that only Oliver and Team Arrow can face. While it cranks up the drama for the season ender, after four season finales it's becoming a bit predictable.

Because of this, the producers of Arrow have decided to change things up a bit. Since the big bad Prometheus is a different type of villain, the season is going to end with a different type of finale. Showrunner Wendy Mericle promises a much more "personal" ending this time around, one that might have a more lasting impact on Oliver moving forward.

Speaking to Rotten Tomatoes before the Arrowverse panel at PaleyFest, Mericle suggested that having Prometheus as the villain will result in a much different feel to the season 5 closer than what we've seen in previous seasons. As she described it:

“I’ll just say this: Star City is not in jeopardy. As we’ve joked before, there’s always a terrorist attack on Star City in May. Not this time. Prometheus is a very personal villain, very psychological villain and the ending will be appropriate to that.”

Arrow - Prometheus holding sword

Producer Marc Guggenheim suggested that it might not be just Prometheus who's making things interesting heading into the season finale, either. Referencing Lexa Doig's Talia al Ghul, he suggested that she might complicate things for Oliver much like her father did. He suggested that she might be much more like Ra's al Ghul in that respect than her sister is:

“I would say that she probably bears more of a resemblance to her father than [her sister] Nyssa does.”

Between Talia's complications and Prometheus' desire to break Oliver, it sounds like Team Arrow will have a much more harrowing experience in this season finale than it has in previous years. This could actually be pretty refreshing, since one of the big complaints about the show (aside from season 4's Olicity hate) is how predictable it is sometimes. We already know that Prometheus plans to torture and break Oliver once he gets his hands on him, so seeing our green-glad vigilante overcome something that's every bit as psychological as it is physical will be interesting to watch.

Of course, this assumes that the finale goes off without a hitch. If it goes too far here, then Prometheus might come off as a bit too cartoonish or evil for evil's sake - and if the show doesn't go far enough then it could seem like a cop-out, given how much the series has built things up. With any luck, Arrow will hit that sweet spot in the middle and leave Oliver shaken to the core, setting up a sixth season where he doesn't just bounce back to the status quo.

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Arrow continues on Wednesday with "Kapiushon" @ 8 pm on The CW.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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