Arrow Season 5: Echo Kellum Hopes to Suit Up As Mr. Terrific

Mr Terrific Arrow Season 5

Mr. Terrific has always been a character who embodies a true Renaissance man: skilled martial artist, exceptional athletic abilities, and highly intelligent. During Curtis Holt's arc on Arrow season 4, viewers saw him move from the background, up to Felicity's right hand man at Palmer Tech, and eventually helping to stop Damien Darhk unleash a nuclear apocalypse with Team Arrow. In season 5, we can expect his growth to continue and will see his role step up to be more like The Flash's Cisco Ramon.

Echo Kellum was recently upgraded to Arrow series regular and it looks like there will be a lot more of him as a contributing member of the team. If the dynamic is anything like we've seen from season 4, the chemistry of Felicity and Curtis is sure to bring an air of levity to what looks to be a heavier season 5. Curtis hasn't officially been deemed Mr. Terrific yet, but all signs point to his introduction this season.

In a recent interview with MovieFone, Kellum acknowledged that he's "super-pumped" and thinks that "with all the new [cast] additions this season... it's going to be the best." While it's unclear which version of Mr. Terrific has inspired Arrow producers the most, Kellum has made it clear that he would love to suit up:

"Where is my costume? Guggenheim, if you're listening, or reading, whatever: Where's my costume? I definitely want to suit up really bad. But I understand. It's this arc. You've got to build up to it. But I definitely hope -- and I believe, hopefully, within this season we should see Curtis Holt get there in some capacity. So I'm really looking forward to all that's happening."

Echo Kellum as Curtis on Arrow

Both Terry Sloane and Michael Holt were members of the Justice Society of America at some point, with Spectre having brought Holt into the mix. Could Mr. Terrific be the avenue with which Arrow brings the Spectre to life? Crossovers are never out of the question in the Arrowverse, so it's possible Arrow could use Mr. Terrific and the JSA as a way to connect to Legends of Tomorrow.

In terms of whether Kellum would be open to a crossover with Legends of Tomorrow, the actor was enthusiastic:

"I'd be thankful to be on any of these shows, to be honest, because they're so well done and I'm a big nerd. So for me, it's just like a dream come true to even be a part of Arrow, or any of it. To have a potential to be on the crossovers is, like, "Wow!" It's mind-boggling."

Of course, Kellum doesn't give us too much insight into his character's arc in season 5, so we're left to speculate about his development as Mr. Terrific. But, that being said, Arrow is expected to appear at Comic-Con International in San Diego later this month - the same event where Mr. Terrific was announced to be joining the show last year - so we may learn more about Curtis' suit and/or arc then.

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Season 5 of Arrow begins October 5th at 8pm on The CW. Also in the same time slot on their respective days, The Flash season 3 will starts on Tuesday October 4th, Supergirl's second season begins on Monday October 10th, and Legends of Tomorrow's second season premieres on Thursday October 13th.

Source: MovieFone

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