Arrow: Echo Kellum Promises He'll Suit up As Mister Terrific in Season 5

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Echo Kellum began playing Curtis Hold on Arrow in season 4. During that time, Curtis managed several impressive feats, including creating a new, reliable power source, and, developing a piece of technology that corrected the spinal cord injury Felicity suffered at the midseason mark, granting her the ability to walk again. Needless to say, in his time in the Design Innovations Division with Palmer Tech and as a newcomer to Team Arrow, Curtis proved himself to be a reliable and pretty terrific guy to have on hand.

Of course, the big question upon Holt's arrival was: When would the character morph into his better-known comic book alter ego, Mr. Terrific? There were inklings that Curtis had some superhero-ing somewhere in his future – after all, in addition to having some serious smarts, Curtis is an Olympic-level athlete, competent base jumper, and does a pretty cool flip over a computer monitor when being attacked by a robot bee – but he didn't quite get the chance to don the 'Fair Play' leather jacket or put a giant T on his face. According to Kellum, however, all that is likely to change in season 5.

Speaking to CBR at SDCC 2016, Kellum was candid about Curtis' future on Team Arrow, as well as his future with Palmer Tech, now that the company's board ousted Felicity late in season 4. As Kellum sees it, Curtis still has a ways to go in becoming his crime-fighting self, but he's not going to let anything get in the way of achieving his goals. Kellum said:

"You're going to see him fail and keep striving. There's something about Curtis that's very driven. I think you'll see some of the hurdles he'll have to pass. You'll see that his drive really pushes him through everything. Whether it was the Olympics or now getting into the field with Team Arrow, I think it's going to be a really fun journey."

Emily Bett Rickards and Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt in Arrow season 4

Curtis' failures might have something to do with the training montage that was seen in the Arrow season 5 trailer released during SDCC. Then again, it might also have something to do with his position at Palmer Tech, and the recent shake-ups there. As Kellum tells it, Curtis is loyal to his friends – whether they're in the field acting as vigilantes or trying to run a company – and that might mean his time at the company is over.

"Curtis is in flux, professionally, right now. He loved his boss, he loved his CEO. He is loyal, he's still an active worker, I think Curtis still works there, but we haven't talked about it. I feel like it might be a solidarity thing, like, if Felicity is gone, then I'm gone too. Maybe."

Besides potentially not having a steady source of income, giving Curtis more free time means he'll be able to help Team Arrow on a fulltime basis. Given that Kellum was promoted from guest to series regular in the interim between seasons 4 and 5, it's a good bet that Curtis will be spending most of his time in the Arrow Cave, creating new hardware for the rest of the crew like Cisco does over in Central City. To that end, Kellum confirmed what had already been said about one of his character's arc in the upcoming season saying, "… the team definitely won't have to outsource their tech needs to S.T.A.R. Labs."

Mister Terrific

But will Team Arrow be welcoming another masked vigilante to its ranks? Given that Arrow is going to be chockablock with masked do-gooders under Oliver's supervision, like Wild Dog, Artemis, and, possibly, the aptly named Vigilante, seeing Curtis suit up as Mr. Terrific wouldn’t be out of the question – especially if Oliver plans on taking the students out on a little late-night field trip. And according to Kellum, Curtis will be suiting up at some point early in the season.

"The mask is happening this year. You can definitely expect it in the first nine."

Given that The CW has already given a brief glimpse at the Green Arrow's new duds, it'll be interesting to see what the costumes for the aforementioned vigilantes-in-training will look like when season 5 gets underway. It's curious that Kellum mentions Mr. Terrific having a "mask" rather than the comic book character's painted face. Given that the series has already gone down the grease-paint road before it's understandable they'd want to abstain from sending another character down that path. Hopefully, the network will offer viewers a glimpse of Mr. Terrific in all his glory before too long.


Arrow season 5 is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 8PM ET; The Flash season 3 is slated to air on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 8PM ET; DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return on Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 8PM ET, Supergirl will make its season 2 debut on The CW on Monday, October 10, 2016 also at 8PM ET.

Source: CBR

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