Arrow Producer Discusses Diggle's Struggles in Season 5

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[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Arrow ahead.]


So far, Arrow season 5 has been busy setting up a number of key storylines and plot threads for itself with its first two episodes, including the introduction of the villainous Prometheus and the assembly of the new version of Team Arrow. However, the season has already gotten Diggle's (David Ramsey) story off to an unexpected and shocking start, after Oliver's best friend was revealed to have been framed by his commanding officer for the murder of several of his military unit at the end of last week's episode.

Now, with Diggle's fate hanging in the balance following that reveal, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently teased how fans can expect to see Diggle's storyline in the new season play out. Apparently, there will be quite a lot of focus placed on his relationship with Oliver in light of their new situation as well.

While appearing on an episode of EW's Superhero Insider, Guggenheim revealed that last week's twist would be the first part of a "long tail" storyline involving Diggle that will run through about halfway into the new season:

“This is the start of a storyline that’s actually going to carry us through episode 512. There’s going to be a long tail storyline that we’re doing with Dig this year.”

In addition, fans can look forward to a very Oliver and Diggle-centric episode in the season's fourth installment; which like many of the other things in season 5 right now, will probably feel a bit reminiscent of some of the episodes we used to see in the show's first two seasons.

“At the end of 502, Diggle gets arrested and 504 deals with how Oliver handles that circumstance. It’s not so much about changing their dynamic as it is what lengths will Oliver go to for his best friend.”

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The relationship between Oliver and Diggle has been put under quite a large amount of stress throughout both seasons 3 and 4 of Arrow, and it'll be interesting to see how the dynamic between the two characters continues to evolve throughout season 5.With a number of new faces and characters being brought into the forefront now too, seeing how well the Arrow creative team manage to build new relationships and introduce new characters, while also maintaining a strong focus on their core names and bonds, could very well end up being one of the largest determining factors of season 5's success.

Like many other aspects of this season too, it's become more and more apparent that Arrow is trying to hit the reset button on a number of its recent relationship/ tonal issues, in response the large amounts of recurring complaints from fans throughout the previous two seasons. Now, whether or not Diggle and Oliver's relationship ends up being one of those things, will have to wait to be seen. No matter what though, it looks like Diggle's search for redemption, may have just brought even more pain and struggle into his life in the end.

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Source: EW

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