Arrow: [Spoiler] Reportedly Returning in Season 5

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[This article contains possible SPOILERS for Arrow season 5.]

Originally, Arrow had big plans in store for its Suicide Squad characters, with the introduction of Harley Quinn on its way at one point, and an entire TV version of the team assembled by the end of the second season. As many fans are probably already aware however, there was some interference that came in from the DC film side at Warner Bros., and Arrow's plans on expanding their Suicide Squad and lineup of villains was suddenly cut short, later leading to the death of Floyd Lawton/Deadshot, as well as a couple other key members in the lore.

Now, with Supergirl being able to introduce their own version of Superman though, the possibilities of other existing shows in the DC TV universe being able to possibly play with or introduce more iconic elements and characters from the DC comics seems to have opened up again. Thanks to a key turning point in The Flash this season as well, it looks like one specific, currently deceased Suicide Squad member from Arrow is reportedly going to be making a return appearance this season.

Green Arrow TV is reporting that Michael Rowe will be reprising his role as Deadshot in this week's upcoming episode, "A Matter of Trust." While no official details regarding the size of his role in the episode, or even how he'll be returning are included, the report does speculate that Barry's altering of the timelines in "Flashpoint" could have possibly kept Lawton from dying in the Arrow canon.

Deadshot May Be Returning to Arrow in Season 5

Lawton was a fan-favorite character when he was killed off near the middle of the third season, around the same time when most fans believe the show began to lose some of the steam from its previous, critically-acclaimed second season. Now, make sure to take all of this with a grain of salt for the time being, but if Lawton does end up returning in this week's episode, it could just be yet another attempt on Arrow's part to begin going back to its roots in a number of ways, something that's been noticeably apparent in the first two episodes of the season so far.

With Superman and now, Gotham City, both already confirmed to exist within the Arrowverse after all, it wouldn't be surprising if Warner Bros. began to let their DC TV shows have a bit more freedom when it comes to the other characters and stories they're allowed to introduce from the comics, especially considering the unexpected resistance that fans and critics have shown towards the DCEU films this year. Lawton's death in season three was one of the most controversial moments of that season alone, so whether he returns in a large or small role in the season, it should be a positive moment for fans who have been waiting to see him return to the Arrowverse for the past few years.

Arrow continues this Wednesday with ‘A Matter of Trust’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: Green Arrow TV

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