Arrow: Stephen Amell Promises New Costume for Season 5

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Over the course of its first four seasons, Oliver Queen's costume in Arrow has been altered in ways both large and small. In season 2, Ollie received a mask upgrade from his future good buddy Barry Allen, which replaced the green greasepaint the vigilante had been slapping on his mug prior to a night on the town. In season 3, the changes were a little subtler, but the Arrow did see a few additions to his otherwise standard green attire. But the big change came in season 4, when Oliver came out of superhero retirement to become the Green Arrow. The new suit kept the basic green-hooded hero concept but added a sleeveless design, shoulder pads, and gauntlets that not only added to the supposed attitude change of Star City's favorite crime fighter, but also gave fans plenty to talk about following the new suit's debut at SDCC 2015.

With Comic-Con 2016 right around the corner one might wonder whether or not Amell will be in attendance to show off more upgrades to the Green Arrow suit. While an appearance by the star is still up in the air, it seems as though the idea of an upgrade isn't, as Amell recently stated there will be some changes to the Arrow suit by the time season 5 rolls around this fall. He also offered a few indications of what fans can expect from the season premiere and why the premiere has him starting his physical training right away.

The actor participated in a Facebook Q&A recently, and while he didn't say exactly what sort of changes were coming to the Arrow suit, he did confirm that some would be made. That leave fans with plenty of time to wonder what, exactly, will be part of this upgrade. Will it be a purely cosmetic alteration, or will the suit get some sort of additional functionality from the changes? Given that Oliver Queen is sporting some new duds (that look inspired by the TV series) in the pages of DC Comics' Green Arrow: Rebirth, it stands to reason that The CW's Green Arrow might want to replicate the specific visual flourishes of its comic book counterpart.

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If that's the case, then the upgrade might come in the form of a little color change on certain parts of the suit, like the gauntlets and in the abdomen region on GA's vest. In the comics both are colored a lighter brown color, which actually contrasts well with the green of the suit and gives the character more of a Robin Hood-like, from-the-forest vibe. The change might also indicate a desire from Warner Bros. for the Green Arrow character to look the same across all his various incarnations, which might signal a larger push to incorporate aspects from Rebirth into the television show.

That would make sense since before season 4 was even over Amell had been teasing a back-to-basics approach to season 5, which has since been mostly confirmed with recent casting news. Along with newcomers Wild Dog and Vigilante running around Star City, presumably making things difficult for Mayor Queen, the young female archer Artemis has been announced, along with Chad L. Coleman's Big Bad, Tobias Church. With all these new characters looking to make a name for themselves, maybe Oliver's going to need some new equipment to stay safe on the increasingly crowded streets of his home city.

Whatever the changes to the Green Arrow suit may be, fans will likely have to wait to see them, as Amell also teased a massive one-shot action sequence in the season premiere that director James Bamford said the actor could do, so long as he could "do it shirtless." So maybe Green Arrow's upgraded suit will come when Oliver decides it's time to cover up.


The Flash season 3 will premiere Tuesday October 4 at 8pm on The CW, Arrow season 5 will premiere in the same timeslot on Wednesday October 5, Legends of Tomorrow season 2 on Thursday October 13, and Supergirl season 2 on Monday October 17.

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