Arrow Season 5.5 Sneak Peek: Oliver & Diggle Discuss Laurel's Return 

Oliver and Diggle discuss Laurel's return and Dig's decision to handle the crime he's accused of in a clip from the 2017 Arrow midseason premiere.

Arrow season 5 - Laurel

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Arrow ahead.]


Arrow has returned to its grittier roots in its fifth season, bringing the show back to what it started out as. While the fantasy elements that grew out of the the creation of The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow still remain, the darker focus on Star City has made a welcome return. So far this season, Diggle (John Ramsey) has been on the run from the military after being set up for a crime he did not commit, new recruit Artemis (Madison McLaughlin) has betrayed the team, and both Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) are coping with the death of Felicity's boyfriends at the hands of The Green Arrow.

When Arrow season 5 picks up again in 2017, some of these dangling storylines are going to be dealt with head on. One in particular is the reveal that came at the conclusion of the Arrow 2016 midseason finale, in which Laurel (Katie Cassidy) - or, rather, what appears to be Laurel - returned from the dead.

newly-released clip shows Diggle and Oliver having a conversation in a prison, where Dig appears to be incarcerated. Separated by a pane of glass and talking on the phone, the two men start by discussing the big cliffhanger that is Laurel's return. Of course, those who have watched the new trailer for the second half of season 5 already know a bit more than these guys do. They move o to Dig's situation in with the army, and his new determination to fight the charges.

When Diggle was first arrested, he spun into such a deep depression that he had no desire to escape or fight the trumped up charges against him. Racked with guilt over killing his brother Andy, he even began to hallucinate. Since his escape, life in hiding has certainly taken a toll on Diggle; he missed his son's birthday and pretty much only goes out as Spartan. It's possible his return to the team, and his experiences in "Invasion" where he learned how Flashpoint affected him and what his life might have been if Oliver were not The Green Arrow, are spurring him into action to reclaim his life.

As for Laurel, she's certainly not the first to come back from the dead on Arrow. Her own sister did so twice, and the show's entire premise began with a shipwrecked and presumed-dead Oliver returning home after five years. But this time is different. For the first time, someone has come back to life without Oliver being a part of the resurrection. She just appeared. How she returned and what her motives are remain to be seen. Though again, the new trailer reveals some pretty big hints about that...

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Arrow returns with 'Who Are You?' on January 25th, 2017 @8pm on The CW

Source: The CW [via WGTC]

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