Arrow Season 5: Artemis to Return With A ‘Cool, Exciting Twist’

Arrow season 5 - Artemis (Madison McLaughlin)

As the second half of Arrow season 5 gets rolling, fans are likely wondering about new and returning faces that we might see. Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) has already made a reappearance in the midseason premiere, and although it was quickly learned that this was actually Earth-2's Black Siren, it appears another Black Canary is on the way. We have also had our first glimpse of Talia Al Ghul (Lexa Doig), who will be playing a part in this season's flashbacks.

Another character who will be reappearing this season was a major player in the first half of season 5 -- Artemis, aka Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin). After her betrayal of Team Arrow, fans have been wondering when she will reappear, and now it seems that we have a hint of what's to come for the character.

As reported by TVLine, executive producer Wendy Mericle spoke about the character's return, and what we can expect to see of her now that she has left the team.

"We have a really cool, exciting twist for how she’s going to reappear. The interesting thing about the choices Evelyn has made is that as much as she took the moral high ground when confronting Oliver, she has allied herself with someone who is even worse. She’s gone from the frying pan into the fire."

Artemis and Ragman in Arrow

Mericle is, of course, referring to Artemis's betrayal of Team Arrow to Prometheus. When Evelyn learned of Oliver's past actions, especially the times that he has killed people, she was outraged. She turned on her team, supplying Prometheus with information about them and then stopping her team from shooting him. When we last saw her, Evelyn told Oliver that the city needed saving from him (a twisted version of what he used to tell criminals: "You have failed this city"), and left with Prometheus.

It's no surprise that Evelyn will be returning to Arrow, as her arc with the team is clearly not finished yet. Mericle's mention of a "big twist" suggests she has more to do than just help Prometheus, though. Could Evelyn become the one to take Prometheus down this season? Her strong sense of morality may well be challenged by Prometheus's actions in upcoming episodes, and we could also see her struggling to see the other team members attacked. Although she clearly harbors a deep resentment of Oliver, her fellow recruits haven't done anything to deserve her hate, and that may be a big part of her return. On the other hand, she could become a full villain, even taking on another name from the DC comics canon.

Mericle's quote doesn't tell us much other than the fact that Evelyn will definitely be returning, and that we can expect some sort of twist for her story. There is no news about when, exactly, Evelyn will be seen again, or how big a role she may play in the second half of season 5 or beyond. Still, it's exciting to know Madison McLaughlin will be back on the screen with a big twist.

Arrow continues Wednesday with 'Second Chances' @8pm on The CW.

Source: TVLine 

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