Arrow Season 4 Promo: Damien Darhk Hunts Green Arrow

Arrow season 4 may prove divisive for longtime fans of The CW superhero show, as the series' increased focus on "magic and mysticism" is sure to mark a noticeably more supernatural take on this particular DC universe. Until then, the tale of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his costumed friends has leaned far more on the grounded side of the superhero spectrum, especially when compared to its sister show, The Flash.

The introduction of characters like Matt Ryan's John Constantine and the resurrection of Sarah Lance (Caity Lotz) should blur that line even further. The latest promo released for the upcoming season of Arrow offers another further proof of just that.

The CW released the above new footage for Arrow's upcoming batch of episodes, and while the clear name-drop of "Green Arrow" will certainly be fun for fans (who've watched Oliver evolve more into his comic book alter-ego), the real revelation comes from Neal McDonough's Damien Darhk. The character - who's been described as "pure evil" by the producers behind the show - is searching for Green Arrow and appears to be on a mission to take him down. Moreover, he shows off some nifty powers that extend, at the very least, to some version of telekinesis.

Arrow season 4 trailer with Oliver Queen

Until this point in Arrow season 4 marketing, Darhk has come across as more of an intellectual foe for Oliver; that's in keeping with the character from the DC Comics, where Darhk is a criminal mastermind who possesses (evil) genius level intellect that he generally uses to serve dangerous organizations such as H.I.V.E.. However, Darhk possessing supernatural abilities is a development that could be a game-changer for his antagonistic relationship with Oliver, as well as Arrow in general. Of course, there's no telling (yet) how the villain acquired these powers or if there's an unknown technological component to his powers glimpsed here.

Arrow season 4 will largely serve as a reinvention of the show; as such, expanding Darhk into a more legitimate threat plays into that and nicely mirrors the evolution of characters like Diggle (regardless of what fans may think of his new costume), with even Starling City gaining a new name. It remains to be seen exactly how far Arrow will take this "evolution" theme and which other characters will find themselves rising up to take essential roles in the ongoing saga of Oliver Queen.

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Season 2 of The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 6 at 8pm/7 central; Season 4 of Arrow debuts Wednesday October 7 at 8pm/7 central; Legends of Tomorrow begins in 2016.

Source: The CW

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