Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen/Arrow has undergone quite a few changes since Arrow made its debut on The CW back in 2012. Not only has Oliver drastically changed his vigilante ways (i.e., he had no problem killing his enemies at first, but now he tries to follow a no-kill code), but he’s also changed his appearance a few times. While Amell has yet to become a perfect reflection of his comic book counter-part (which is something that will probably never happen), the changes he’s undergone have brought him closer and closer to looking more like the modern Green Arrow many fans have come to know from the comics.

Originally, Arrow – who was known as “The Hood” at the time – would wear grease paint to hide his true identity. It wasn’t exactly the best disguise around, but it got the job done. In season 2, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen gave Arrow a much-needed mask. Later on, Barry’s friend and brilliant ally, Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), upgraded Oliver’s costume for him, making it lighter and capable of carrying more gear. Despite the mask and the upgraded gear, Arrow still wasn’t “Green” Arrow. Well, San Diego Comic-Con 2015 revealed that season 4 will fix that by finally turning Oliver Queen into Green Arrow and giving him a brand new costume. Now, a second look at Oliver’s new attire has been released in a brand new poster, along with a new tagline of “Aim. Higher.

Stephen Amell Arrow Season 4 Poster Aim Higher Arrow Season 4 Poster: Aim Higher

While this image does make the costume look darker than expected, you can still see the shades of green, and it’s important to remember that his costume looked much brighter when he wore it during a SDCC panel. Furthermore, when compared to the first poster debuting the new costume, it seems as though the gauntlets Oliver is wearing have made the switch from brown to a very dark green. The first image of Grant Gustin as the Flash had people concerned it was too dark as well, but when seen in the context of an episode, many fans agree it looks solid. Hopefully, the same feeling will occur when the costume is seen on-screen in season 4.

Designed by Maya Mani – who designed costumes for Arsenal, Black Canary, and Ray Palmer – it’s clear Oliver’s latest look draws a decent amount from Green Arrow’s New 52 armor. Noticeable additions include the shoulder pads and straps on both sides of his chest – which presumably hold trick arrows that he can quickly pop on the tip of an arrow and then fire away.

Finally taking the name Green Arrow and getting an updated costume is a step that’s sure to make many fans happy – especially after season 3 received mixed responses. However, there’s one thing many fans still want to see: Amell’s character rocking Green Arrow’s signature goatee – a feature The New 52 version doesn’t have. Toss aside that wish, fans, because Amell previously shot down the idea. The actor stated it doesn’t matter how long the show goes on for, because he’s not going to grow one.

To clarify, Amell said he did grow a goatee during season 2’s break, and he thought he looked like “someone with a record trying to blend into a new city.” So, maybe it’s for the best his version of the hero doesn’t get one.

As for season 4, it’s looking like another green character, Green Lantern, might make an appearance. Given Warner Bros.’ plans for its DC Extended Universe (which includes 2020’s Green Lantern Corps), The CW probably won’t be able to use Hal Jordan and/or John Stewart – beyond just a quick cameo or several Easter Eggs, that is. Still, there’s quite literally a universe full of Green Lanterns, so if the show truly wants to use one of the cosmic ring-slingers – even if it’s just a glimpse of one – it certainly has the potential to do so.

Season 2 of The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 6 at 8pm/7 central; Season 4 of Arrow debuts Wednesday October 7 at 8pm/7 central; Legends of Tomorrow begins in 2016.

Source: The CW

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