'Punisher: War Zone' Director Working On 'Arrow' Season 4

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Arrow's writers are currently working on season 4, and so far, a fair amount of information about the upcoming story has been released. It has been revealed the new season will revolve around the evil organization H.I.V.E., and its leader, Damien Darhk, will presumably be the season's primary antagonist. Additionally, showrunner Marc Guggenheim stated the new episodes will offer a "lighter tone," which is of course a big change from Arrow's dark and emotional third season.

New episodes of Arrow are expected to begin airing later this year, and the cast and crew have promised quite a few changes. From talking about costumes to Oliver Queen's future as a hero, the next adventure in Starling City has the potential to be quite different than what fans have already seen. Now, it has been revealed that the show has landed a new director, too. Lexi Alexander, the director of Punisher: War Zone, stated she's going to direct at least one episode of Arrow in season 4.

The announcement comes after a fan asked Alexander on Twitter whether or not Marvel has approached her to direct any of the company's Netflix shows. While she confirmed Marvel has not reached out to her, she did say she'll begin directing Arrow this August. There's no word yet on how many episodes she'll have the opportunity to helm.

Despite Arrow being known as a gifted marksman, the character is often engaging in hand-to-hand fights, so the show puts a strong emphasis on its stunt choreography. Given Alexander's previous work and her own experience in both karate and kickboxing, she is certainly up to the task of making sure Arrow's action sequences impress. The show does attempt to remain character-driven, but whether it's doing villain-of-the-week or following a more serialized storyline about a big bad, the episodes almost always manage to incorporate at least one big action scene.

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Team Arrow's war on evil may not be nearly as bloody as Punisher's, but the show still strives to offer intense action, and in Alexander's hands, these battles have the potential to be thoroughly entertaining. While her directorial work with Frank Castle's third movie was exceptionally violent and earned its R rating (The Punisher did punch through a guy's face, after all), it did prove Alexander has a strong eye for fight scenes, and there's no good reason to believe a lack of graphic violence on a CW show will hinder her.

As for the new season, actor Stephen Amell said his character is done with the Arrow suit. Despite season 3 receiving a seemingly happy ending, it's safe to say there's a 0% chance Oliver won't return to his crime fighting ways. By saying he won't wear his previous costume, it strongly implies season 4 could mark the debut of full-fledged Green Arrow and a whole new suit to celebrate the name change.

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New episodes of Arrow will begin airing on the CW later this year. The Flash season 2 also returns to The CW this fall. Supergirl season 1 will air on CBS in the fall - and CW's Legends of Tomorrow will air as a midseason replacement in 2016.

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