Arrow: David Ramsey Speculates As To Who Is In The Grave

David Ramsey as Diggle in Arrow

Four seasons in, the hit CW show Arrow keeps upping the ante. The writers have already dangled the carrot of a marriage proposal above the heads of hero Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his paramour Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards). And then there’s the grave.

As season 4 kicked off, we flashed forward to Oliver and Barry (Grant Gustin) standing over a grave. Oliver threatens to take revenge on the one responsible for the unknown character's death. And fans were left hanging. Nearing the midseason finale, actor David Ramsey (who plays Arrow’s partner John Diggle) offered up a few theories on the grave’s occupant.

Ramsey tells EW that fans weren’t the only ones waiting with bated breath for the ax to fall. The cast has been on edge as well. "It’s like I used to be late to set, now I’m not…I wanted to know. Is Diggle dead? They didn’t tell me." And with a track record of killing off a major character each season -- roughly speaking -- he has a right to be concerned.

Despite his apprehensions, Ramsey feels that his character is safe, citing the lack of a military ceremony (at least a visible one). One major fan theory, especially with respect to Oliver’s vengeance-seeking, is that his beloved Felicity lies beneath the tombstone. However, in light of their potential engagement, Ramsey feels the writers won’t kill her off. And, as Laurel Lance just recently donned her Black Canary mask, it seems unlikely that a character important to the comics would meet an untimely end on the show either.

Ramsey’s additional speculations range from Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) to Thea Queen (Willa Holland) to recurring characters like Taiana (Elysia Rotaru) or Shado’s sister Mei (Celina Jade). Killing off one of the Earth-Two doppelgangers isn’t out of the realm of possibilities either:

“It might be someone from the past, or someone who we don’t know of that comes up and ends up being very important to Oliver and he loses that person…Now since you have introduced metahumans, time travel and parallel earths, it’s an infinite amount of possibilities that could be in that grave.”

Since the writers seem willing to sacrifice almost any character, no one is technically safe. Killing off Oliver’s sister would only leave one surviving member of the Queen family, which could prompt a return to the darker-edge of the series. Captain Lance’s romantic entanglement with Felicity’s mother and coerced association with H.I.V.E. could also put him at risk, especially with his continuing role as double agent. While Ramsey doesn’t think the good detective will say goodnight, Lance’s death would definitely count a revenge-worthy offense.

Still, with breadcrumbs left about Oliver’s former lover and son, it’s entirely possible we’ll see a lesser or left-field character killed off this season, especially with the red-herring potential of a multiverse. We could also witness the demise of a crossover Flash character, prompting another collaboration between the two heroes. At this point, however, it really is anyone's guess.

Arrow continues Wednesday, December 2nd with 'Legends of Yesterday' at 8pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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