Fans Upset With Arrow Finale Turn Its Subreddit Into A Daredevil Page

Oliver Queen Arrow Grave

By their very nature, season finales are often lightning rods for fans. After all, an entire season's worth of storylines is expected to come to a satisfying conclusion, and the chances of said conclusion pleasing everybody are usually somewhere between slim and none. Case in point is the recent season 4 finale of Arrow, which capped off what some have called the DC superhero series' worst season to date.

Reactions to the episode have largely ranged from "meh" to "that was terrible," but one contingent of fans have taken their dislike to the next level, those being the folks overseeing Arrow's subreddit. Following Wednesday's airing of the Arrow season 4 finale, entitled "Schism", r/Arrow began overflowing with hate, unleashing a veritable volcano of rage so molten hot that one might think The CW had decided to air a rerun of the legendarily contentious Lost series finale instead.

Perhaps the most violent reaction belonged to user mkd87, who let loose the following screed:

"Let's see here... The finale was filled with plot holes. Like where the fuck do thousands of nukes in mid-flight go? How did Oliver channel his magic from the hope of the citizens? How did Darhk's powers powered by tens of thousands of souls just go limp dick in 2 seconds, yet he was able to kill Felicity's ex from far away? And the final fight scene? What the fuck was that? The final fight scene was shit. They're both highly trained in martial arts and they're just trading punches in the face back and forth? The fuck? Did the action scene choreographer take time off or what? Worst season finale ever."

Stephen Amell in Arrow Seson 4

With reactions like that flooding the Arrow subreddit, those in charge then decided to make a statement reflecting their opinion in a decidedly bold way. As of Thursday, r/Arrow is now ostensibly a Daredevil subreddit. The photos adorning the subreddit are all now from Marvel's hit Netflix series, and the top discussion thread concerns Daredevil's premiere episode, "Into the Ring". A note in said thread is pretty upfront about the reasoning for its existence:

"Arrow has burned me for the last fucking time, so over the summer we're going to watch a much better show."

Of course, memories don't fade easily, and a large number of the over 2,600 comments on the post are simply using the arguable greatness of Daredevil to further illustrate just how badly these fans feel that Arrow lost its way.

Will the Arrow subreddit give up on the show permanently, forever devoting themselves to talking about Daredevil? Probably not. Fan loyalty is a powerful thing, and their anger will likely fade over the summer. Still, the message they are sending to executive producer Greg Berlanti and the rest of the Arrow creative team is crystal clear: you have failed this subreddit.

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Arrow season 5 airs Wednesdays at 8pm this fall on The CW.

Source: Reddit [via Dorkly]

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