'Arrow': Diggle Will Get A New Costume In Season 4

David Ramsey as John Diggle on Arrow

Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment have been quick to expand their DC Comics universe on The CW network. From Arrow came The Flash, soon they'll be joined by Legends of Tomorrow - and as the universe continues to grow, so does its population of costumed heroes and villains.

However, for as many masked vigilantes as Starling City has seen come and go, the city's own frequent crime stopper and founding member of Team Arrow, John Diggle (David Ramsey) has never taken on a costumed identity. (Discounting the few times he's donned The Arrow costume.) Repeatedly, Diggle has served his city as simply The Arrow's plain-clothed, unassuming brother-in-arms - but all of that will change with Arrow season four.

During this evening's Warner Bros. Television panel at San Diego Comic Con 2015, concept art of Diggle's new costume from Arrow season four was shown. By no means should this comes as a surprise - Diggle finally getting his own a costume (or at least a mask) has been heavily hinted and even the season 3 finale seemed to suggest it was next for his character.

But having the concept art of Diggle's new duds revealed on Hall H's massive screens not only confirms the new development, it gives us a good sense of what the new costume will look like. And from the descriptions coming from those inside the convention center, it's a very basic, all-black affair. It looks quite similar to motorcycle suit, which sounds in-line with the leather look of most of Arrow's costumes. The costume's most distinguishing feature, however, is a black helmet with a visor that covers have of Ramsey's face.

Admittedly, Diggle's new outfit doesn't sound like the flashiest of costumes - and it definitely isn't the glowing green number some were pulling for - but it sure seems to be the most practical of all the recently introduced superhero attire. There wasn't a superhero codename given for Diggle's new identity or any indication there would be one, but Ramsey jokingly called himself the "Black Driver" - a reference to Diggle's first cover story as Oliver's bodyguard.

DC Comics The Guardian
DC Comics' The Guardian.

Still, even though Diggle's new costume wasn't linked to any pre-existing DC Comics character, some are trying to pin a name on Dig's masked persona. The most fitting of DC's line-up is The Guardian, a policemen turned helmeted crimefighter who has strong connections with other DC heroes - Roy Harper, Wildcat, The Atom - but never really grew to prominence himself. An updated origin for The Guardian has him more closely tied with Metropolis' Science Police and the secret organization, Cadmus.

Whether Diggle will be The Guardian or is simply choosing to finally conceal his true identity, either way David Ramsey will have his own costume for Arrow season 4. Let us hear what you think about this news in the comments below!

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Arrow season four premieres on October 7th, 2015 on The CW.

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