'Arrow': Stephen Amell Says 'Safe Bet' Oliver Will Meet His Son

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After a notably dark third season, Arrow is ready to make some changes. Not only are they adopting a lighter tone like spinoff series The Flash, but they are focusing on magic and mysticism to further move Arrow away from its more grounded roots. In addition to taking some cues from The Flash, the two shows will continue to crossover through the next season. Considering the incredible success of the previous crossovers, this came as no surprise to fans of the series.

However, what nobody expected from the crossover was the potential introduction of Connor Hawke - Oliver Queen's son. During The Flash episode 'Flash Vs Arrow', Oliver (Stephen Amell) bumps into an old flame in Central City, a nameless woman portrayed by the actress Anna Hopkins.

This character previously showed up in Arrow season 2, claiming to be pregnant with Oliver's child. Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson), wishing to make the potential problem disappear, pays the woman $2 million to leave town forever. After Oliver sees her in Central City, she is shown placing a call to their child (though she never uses the kid's name).

Fans aren't the only ones expecting the child to play a role in the series' future. Stephen Amell recently told Screen Rant that he believes Oliver could - and should meet his son at some point in the future.

"Me personally being a dad, I would love to see how Oliver interacts with having a kid. Obviously, it would be a different experience from that experience, but I think that storyline deserves further attention. One of the big tenants of Greg Berlanti is you don't introduce something to the audience, you don't tease it if you are not going to follow through with it [in] some shape or form. So I think it's a safe bet that Oliver will find out about his child at some point."

In the comics, Connor Hawke meets his father when he is already fully grown. Though neither knows they're related, the two eventually partner up with Connor serving as Oliver's sidekick. When it's eventually revealed that Connor is Oliver's son, Oliver is upset that he is the last person to find out. In his anger, he boldly accepts an undercover assignment to infiltrate a dangerous group of eco-terrorists. When his father is killed on that mission, Connor honors his memory and legacy by taking up the mantle of Green Arrow.

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The timeline in Arrow doesn't allow much room for this take on the story (unless the show runs for another 15 seasons) but there's no reason to think the writers won't put their own spin on the idea. Introducing Connor might be the final piece needed for Oliver's transformation to Green Arrow, a force for true good and a role model for his son.

That all said, we might have to wait awhile for the story to be explored and it's unlikely that his son will be introduced in the beginning of the new season, considering Oliver isn't going to be in Central City. In fact, there's a good chance the storyline will be saved for later seasons. However, if we're going to get any further development on this front, it will likely happen in December when the now annualized Flash/Arrow crossover occurs.

Arrow Season 4 will premiere on October 7th, 2015 on The C.W.

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