'Arrow' Season 4 Cast Members Tease Costumes & Possible Character Returns

Arrow Cast Members Tease Season 4

[SPOILERS ahead for Arrow season 3.]


If there was one central theme present throughout the third season of the CW's Arrow, it would be identity. That began with Sara's murder - a death rattle began that seemed to affect all of the characters on the show for nearly the rest of the season. Audiences watched as Oliver struggled to come to terms with who he was and who he wanted to be. It was a long road that led him all the way from holding onto life on a mountainside, to nearly having full control of the League of Assassins, and finally driving off into the sunset with the girl he loved.

He didn't leave Starling City unprotected though, as fans saw Thea (Willa Holland) finally take on her role as Speedy and Diggle getting ready to have a long-awaited mask of his own. The fourth season is said to be the most radically different to date, with the creators already teasing a "lighter" tone and rumors swirling as to how Oliver might return to his vigilante ways. It looks like next season of Arrow already has a lot of expectations to live up to before its first trailer has even been released.

While speaking recently at MCM London, the show's stars Willa Holland, Karl Yune (Maseo), and Rila Fukushima talked about their experiences working on this past season as well as strategically teasing their characters' possible futures on the show.  This included Yune who, despite his character dying at the hands of his former wife, Tatsu, hinted that there is a possibility fans might see Maseo return. Yune hinted that the series' creator and showrunner, Marc Guggenheim, had simply told him "don't make any plans".

Karl Yune on Arrow

Whether or not this means Maseo will actually return at one point is unknown, but it isn't too far-fetched of an idea considering Arrow's history of bringing back dead characters for guest appearances. Audiences have already seen some future characters that the lazarus pit will be used on, and it'll be interesting to see how often the pit plays a role in Arrow's future moving forward.

Willa Holland also teased some possibilities with her character next season, and most specificallly - Speedy's threads. When asked what she might want to see with Speedy going forward, Holland responded with the following:

"For her future in season four man... yeah, I just hope that she keeps wearing that costume as much as possible, and maybe gets a yellow one with a cape or something, I don't know..."

The yellow cape is, of course, a reference to one of the character's more popular incarnations. Thea only recently put on the red robes for the first time, but it's not impossible that the creators might want to give her an official, unique costume just for her character in the near future. However, with the rumors seeming to be that Oliver might come back this season as the Green Arrow for the first time, one costume change might just be enough for this season. Only time will tell.

Arrow Oliver and Felicity Sunset

Some fans loved Arrow season three, but it's safe to say it was the most poorly recieved season to date, overall. That might have had to do with it being the darkest season yet, which may be another reason the creative team is leaning more towards a lighter tone moving forward. It was also evident about halfway through the season that Arrow's grand ambition had the potential to be its downfall - as audiences saw the scale of both the character arcs and scope overlap its actual storytelling reach.

That said, season four has the potential to make or break this series hereon out. The timeline is getting closer and closer to the five-year mark where audiences first met Oliver on Lian Yu, so things may begin heating up to even higher degrees in both the flashbacks and present stories. However you felt about Oliver's ride into the sunset, it certainly won't be long before he's headed back to Starling City. Whether or not he's coming back with the same name, is another matter.

Arrow season four will begin airing on The CW in Fall 2015.

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