'Arrow' Season 4: Jimmy Akingbola Cast as Baron Blitzkrieg

Jimmy Akingbola

A new superhero costume for star Stephen Amell could be indicative of a whole new world for The CW's Arrow during its upcoming fourth season. The actor himself has said that the upcoming batch of episodes centers on "magic and mysticism", opening the show up for more fantastical adventures than perhaps ever before.

The Arrow series is now bringing onboard several cast additions to help flesh out its development of the magical side of the DC universe in the episodes ahead, including characters like Anarky and Mr. Terrific. Moreover, talk has been brewing that Matt Ryan could bring his ill-fated version of John Constantine to the show during season four (as someone who would already be familiar with the magical side of the Arrow/The Flash CW TV show shared universe).

We now have word of another new cast member that could have significant impact on Arrow's season four narrative, as Deadline is reporting that actor Jimmy Akingbola will play DC Comics supervillain Baron Reiter in a recurring role throughout the new season. The British actor is best known for BBC medical drama Holby City and recently appeared in History's Sons of Liberty. He's also set for a role in the 2016 supernatural action film Spectral.

Baron Blitzkrieg

In the comics, Baron Reiter - more commonly known as Baron Blitzkrieg - leads a criminal organization called Shadowspire and notably clashes with Wonder Woman and Superman. The Man of Steel and the Amazon princess won't be appearing on Arrow (but will be sharing the big screen in Batman V Superman in 2016), but Reiter will still be portrayed as a hardened, grizzled man who appears in flashbacks - offering Oliver a place in his organization. Naturally, this will lead to an antagonistic relationship between the pair, over time.

At this point, it's unclear whether Arrow season four's version of Reiter will retain any of his supernatural abilities - which included enhanced strength, agility and endurance (not to mention the occasional heat vision and flight) - or simply be a more militaristic take on the character. Given the season's alleged focus on the mystical arts, it's hard to imagine that this theme won't factor into Akingbola's storyline, especially since his character is being announced as a season-long presence. Only time will tell exactly how long Reiter will stick around beyond that, though.

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Arrow returns to The CW for season four starting on October 7, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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