'Arrow' Season 3 Trailer Swaps the Bow for a Gun

Arrow Season 3 Casting

The citizens of Starling City haven't had much peace and quiet since millionaire playboy Oliver Queen returned from the dead and took up a life of vigilantism. The CW's hit comic book adaptation Arrow has already introduced plenty of heroes from the DC universe, but it's introduced plenty of villains as well - and there are more to be expected (both old and new) in the upcoming third season.

Among the new gallery of bad guys is Simon Lacroix AKA Komodo, played by Matt Ward (TRON: Legacy), who can be briefly spotted in the new trailer for Arrow season 3, standing atop a rooftop and getting ready to fire an arrow of his own. It's just as well that more villains are arriving, since the trailer also suggests that the start of the new season will find Oliver keeping the crime of Starling City more or less under control. He and his allies (including Roy Harper, newly kitted out in his Arsenal costume) seem to be working as a well-oiled team, but are they well-oiled enough to take on Ra's al Ghul?

The trailer isn't all about fighting, however; it also reminds audiences that this season of Arrow will cater to 'Olicity' fans by sending Oliver out on a date with his lovably awkward tech expert Felicity Smoak. Speaking of awkwardness, the trailer features a bit of banter between the lovebirds that's been more or less directly lifted from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We'd offer points to anyone who can spot it, but it's quite hard to miss.

Arrow Season 3 Casting

One issue that has been raised on the show previously is that Oliver Queen's weapon of choice, as high-tech as it might be, is still somewhat anachronistic in the 21st century - especially when he's facing off against enemies with machine guns and explosives. In the last season Oliver got a chance to try out Black Canary's staff, and in this trailer he branches out once again and actually uses a gun against some military opponents. Apparently desperate times call for desperate measures.

When he's not wearing his trademark hood, Oliver will also have to face off against a new business rival, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), in the fight for control over Queen Consolidated. Unfortunately that's probably not a problem that can be solved by just firing a bunch of arrows.

Arrow returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 @8pm.

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