'Arrow': Stephen Amell Teases What Lies Ahead in Season 3

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[The following contains spoilers for Arrow. If you're not caught up, read ahead at your own risk.]


With nearly a year and a half still left until Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice finally hits theaters, fans have turned to television to satisfy their thirst for more of the DC universe. The CW hit Arrow was recently joined by spinoff The Flash as well as Fox's Gotham - both of which have managed to earn solid ratings - and with Constantine weeks away from its debut, DC is showing no signs of slowing down its expansion on the small screen.

However, with Arrow being the most established of DC's TV heroes, the show - which stars Stephen Amell as the title character - has already proven itself to be the company's most reliable launchpad for additional properties. Now in season 3 (read our review of the premiere), Arrow has brought in several additional heroes besides its namesake, leading some to question exactly where Oliver Queen and his allies are heading in this latest season.

At New York Comic Con this weekend (via Bleeding Cool), Amell discussed how the new season of Arrow will continue to build upon the show's existing mythology. He heavily hinted that Laurel (Katie Cassidy) will be picking up the title of Black Canary, following the recent death of Sara (Caity Lotz) in the first episode of season 3. The Arrow will also come face-to-face with Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) in episode 3 and will be involved in an extended swordfight in episode 9, the show's last to air before the new year.

Yet, the most intriguing tidbit came when Amell revealed that the show's influx of new heroes "would be important in the resolution of season 3." The actor has said before that his show is "creating a Justice League on TV," though Arrow is reportedly dialing down on the superpowers with this third season. Amell's comments make it seem likely that some larger threat will lead a number of heroes to join forces - perhaps this could tie into the upcoming introduction of Matt Nable as Ra's Al Ghul?

While it sounds like Arrow is still staying separate from the DC films, it's clear that the show and The Flash are building towards something big, likely a connective tissue that will also involve any upcoming spinoffs. Greg Berlanti, executive producer of both shows, has already gone on record that - when it comes to adapting beloved DC heroes - he believes that TV "can do more" than the movies, and it looks as though he (and his fellow producers) are looking to take advantage of that.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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