'Arrow' Season 3: Is Another Major Character Going to Die?

Tweets and an Instagram post from Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes and David Ramsey suggest another major 'Arrow' character may soon be leaving.

Is Another Arrow Character Going to Die

[WARNING - This article contains SPOILERS for 'Arrow' season 3.]


This season of Arrow raised the stakes for Starling City's fearless vigilantes when the first episode ended with Sara, the Canary, being shot full of arrows and knocked off a rooftop to her death. It was a shocking moment for the rest of Team Arrow, and a cliffhanger that left audiences reeling.

Sara's death drove home the point that in season 3 the threats Team Arrow would face would be their toughest yet. That point was only further illustrated when in the midseason finale, Oliver seemingly died in a duel with Ra's al Ghul. Granted, only an episode later, it was revealed that he was saved by Maseo and Tatsu, but most who face Ra's are not so lucky.

Presently, Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver, and Diggle are again at the mercy of Ra's and the League of Assassins, and while Ra's did make Oliver a rather interesting proposition, their fates are still unknown and they may not all leave Nanda Parbat alive. Indeed, death has seemed to hover over season 3 more than any other, and now a recent pair of tweets from actors Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes, plus an Instagram posting from David Ramsey, imply there could be another major character death right around the corner.

First, the tweets from Amell and Haynes, which were posted after the pair wrapped filming of a critical scene from episode 19, "Broken Arrow."

Sometimes real feelings creep into a scene. Goodbyes are tough. Even when they're scripted.

— Stephen Amell (@amellywood) March 3, 2015

What a rough night. Probably the most difficult day I've had at work in my life. So many emotions all around that couldn't be controlled

— Colton Haynes (@ColtonLHaynes) March 3, 2015

As evidenced by their somber tweets, whatever the scene was it was clearly emotional and involved a tearful goodbye. Judging by how sincere and heartfelt these reactions are, the actor's absence - whether by their character dying or for another reason - will hit what remains of Team Arrow very hard. The question is, who?

Providing possible further evidence is Ramsey's photo. Take a hard look at those smiling faces of Team Arrow's core line-up, because odds are one of them won't be around for the finale.

Long Live.. TEAM ARROW!

A photo posted by David Ramsey (@davidpaulramsey) on

Since Oliver already has his brush with death before the midseason break, it's hard to believe Arrow would kill of its star for real in its season finale. And Felicity has networked herself so deeply throughout the DC/WB superhero universe - becoming invaluable to not only Oliver, but Barry Allen and Ray Palmer, too - that she appears now too important to lose.

That leaves Diggle and Roy, and arguments could be made for either. For Dig, his character has been surrounded by Green Lantern-rumors for a while, with some suggesting his character would fill the role of this universe's John Stewart. That's one possibility, and Ramsey has even revealed that there have been real talks about such a possibility.

Arrow Diggle Green Lantern John Stewart

Yet, Diggle becoming a Green Lantern wouldn't necessarily be cause for a tearful goodbye like the one Amell and Haynes tweeted about. Besides, Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim already indicated that he would NOT be turning Diggle into an alternate universe version of the John Stewart Green Lantern. "We have really cool plans for him," said Guggenheim. "They involve a wedding ring, but they don’t involve a power ring."

With that in mind, it's certainly possible Diggle could get married, settle down, and stop fighting bad guys for a living.

The other most likely candidate for potential death is Roy Harper. Haynes' tweet gives the impression the scene was particularly tough for him, and with how Emily Bett Rickards is resting her head on his shoulder in Ramsey's photo, it's very possible it's Haynes they're bidding farewell to.

Colton Haynes Roy Harper Arsenal Arrow

Roy has been a character who's had difficulty finding his place on the series, starting out as a misguided teen from the streets and then becoming a Mirakuru-fueled rage machine. Only recently has it felt like Roy has found his calling, finally become the Arrow's true sidekick with his own masked persona - Arsenal. But even with his own costume and bow, Arsenal has yet to make a strong case for why he's invaluable, where as Team Arrow simply couldn't operate without Dig or Felicity.

Of all the members of Team Arrow to leave, Roy's departure makes the most sense. Whether he dies in action or simply decides to move away to strike out on his own path, losing Roy would have a strong impact on Oliver, Felicity, and Dig. Plus, it'd leave an opening on the team for either Laurel's Canary or possibly even Ray's Atom to fill.

What are you thinking about all this speculation? Will Arrow lose another major character before this season is out? Will it be a member of Team Arrow - either Felicity, Diggle or Roy? Let us hear what you're thinking in the comments below!

Arrow airs Wednesday nights @8pm on The CW.

Source: Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, David Ramsey

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